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Honest Reviews, Real Customers.

Because we always want to improve, we reach out to our customers for feedback on a regular basis. The following reviews are fresh from 2016. Real customers, writing in their own words, about SurePayroll.


“We've been with SurePayroll for almost 15 years now.  We couldn't be more pleased with its service.“

 -David B., Chicago, Customer Since 2002

“My experience has been very positive. Any time I have a question, I can get an answer pretty quickly either by phone or live chat which is very helpful.”

 -Jane C., Braintree, MA, Customer Since 2002

“I can do my payroll online…all of my taxes are paid and all my forms filed…I don’t have to think about anything.”

“Customer service is always well informed, and has always been able to resolve my concerns or provide the needed answers in a very timely manner.”

 -Steve P., Wichita, Kansas, Customer Since 2014

“I’m enjoying working with SurePayroll and in fact recommended it to my son who went with you for his growing new law firm. The new look is also great.”

 -Sharon C., Claremont, CA, Customer Since 2002

“We have been using SurePayroll now for the past two years and love it. With only 3 employees doing our own payroll was a terrifying task, but SurePayroll makes it so easy. They did recently increase the monthly fees by $10/month which was a bit of a steep price increase, but for the convenience of being able to run our own payroll it's still worth it.”

“There has never been a mistake; someone is always available by live chat or by telephone when I have questions.”

 -Phylis B., Murphy, N.C., Customer Since 2005

“It is the best payroll service I have found in the 20 years I have been in business.”

 -Roger E., Acworth, GA, Customer Since 2006


“SurePayroll is one of the oldest online payroll solutions, and its maturity shows in its thoroughness, in-depth recordkeeping, competent payroll processing, and exceptional customer care.”

“SurePayroll makes it easy for me to manage payroll myself. I have a small law office - myself, four employees and the occasional contract attorney. I jokingly say ‘SurePayroll is so easy to use, even a lawyer can use it.’ Thanks.”

 -Mark M., Carlisle, PA, Customer Since 2006

“Just recently learning how to do payroll. I have felt very confident using your program.”

 -Tammy S., Sharon, Connecticut, Customer Since 2014


“Dealing with payroll can be a time-consuming chore for the small business. But, SurePayroll has made it very simple. It saves me a lot of time, and it's very competively priced with other payroll services.”

“Surepayroll is wonderful. Simple to use. Reasonably priced. Great customer service. The best!”

 -Lawrence L., Houston, Customer Since 2007

“SurePayroll has always been incredibly helpful and user friendly. I regularly receive solicitations about switching our payroll provider and I'm very quick to let them know that I'm thrilled with our current provider and have no intentions on switching.”

 -Valerie S., Vernon Hills, IL, Customer Since 2008


“Fast online enrollment should take only 10 to 15 minutes to complete. SurePayroll is an online payroll option that works well for small businesses that have fewer than 10 employees.”

“When I have to call in for help, everyone is very nice and they are able to solve my issue very quickly!”

 -Tracy F., Southfield, MI, Customer Since 2009

“SurePayroll has made our payroll system so much easier. As a small company, we would be buried with all of the complicated tax work. This company is worth every penny.”

 -Thomas B., West Lafayette, IN, Customer Since 2010

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