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Payroll can be Easy, Affordable and Stress-Free

Payroll is a basic necessity for every business – you have to pay your employees, make the correct deductions and file taxes. However, it’s not the reason you went into business.

SurePayroll handles this core function for you, allowing you to spend less time managing payroll and more time building your company and enjoying time away from work.

Use Our Online Payroll Service

Gone are the days of DIY payroll or contracting this task to a local accountant. With our online payroll service, you can run payroll in two minutes or less.

We take ownership of the entire process, which includes calculating and paying all federal, state and local payroll taxes.

  • Includes Social Security, Medicare, FUTA and SUI
  • W-2, 1099, 940 and 941 forms prepared for you
  • Payroll specialists available six days a week to answer your questions

With our secure payroll service, you never again have to worry about staying current with tax law changes or making a mistake that costs you time and money.

Run Payroll from Any Device

Today’s business professionals are always on the go. If you don’t have time to manage and run payroll from your office, SurePayroll has you covered. Some SurePayroll customers have been known to run their payroll from interesting places, including a battleship!  

You can take care of payroll from any computer or mobile device, with the following benefits making life easier:

  • Your payroll records and reports are stored in the Cloud for secure and convenient access
  • You can use our mobile apps for Apple and Android devices

With our mobile-friendly system, you don’t have to run payroll from the same device every time. As long as you have internet access, you’re good to go.

Free Direct Deposit

Your employees want to get paid in a fast, efficient and convenient manner. With free direct deposit, you never again have to write a check. Other benefits include:

  • Ability to pay both employees and independent contractors
  • Pay salaried and hourly workers
  • Pay workers in multiple states

SurePayroll provides the flexibility you need to keep your employees happy.

Award Winning Customer Service

We’re not just another small business payroll provider. Our technology is top of the line, but it’s our people that make us special. SurePayroll customer care consists of:

  • U.S.-based customer service agents available via email, phone, or chat
  • Evening and weekend hours for your busy schedule
  • Backed by an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • 2019 Gold Stevie Award Winner for Contact Center of the Year

Regardless of what you need, our team is always willing to help.

Additional Services

If your business requires more than the basics, we’re ready to assist. Additional services include:

  • Health insurance
  • Low-fee 401k options
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Workers’ compensation

Just the same as our payroll services, these are designed to provide our customers with an affordable, convenient solution.