Small Business is Our Business.

small business is our business.

We started 20 years ago with a mission to serve America’s small businesses, and that mission is even more critical in these times. That's why we're giving small businesses 3 months free.*
We started 20 years ago with a mission to serve America’s small businesses, and that mission is even more critical in these times. That's why we're giving small businesses 3 MONTHS FREE.*
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Payroll You Can Set Up and Run Yourself – In Minutes.

Payroll is a big job – but that doesn’t mean it needs to be a big job for you. Our online payroll is easy to set up, fast to learn, and runs from your computer or smartphone in minutes. 



100% Guarantee

All of our payroll services are backed by our guarantee.

Easy to set up and learn

Set it up and run payroll yourself in minutes.


Save Time with Auto Payroll

Run payroll automatically (and easily make changes when needed).


Live, US-based support

Get help when you need it via chat, email or phone

Simplify Your Payroll Management


Tax Calculation & Filing

Focus on your business while we track and apply changing tax laws.

  • Accurate tax liability calculation guarantee
  • Federal, state, and local taxes filing and deposit (Full-Service Plan)
  • Tax payment and filing guarantee

Extensive Reporting Capabilities

Gain insights from up-to-date payroll, employee, benefits, and status reports.

  • View and download customizable reports
  • Eliminate manual errors with an integrated timeclock
  • Integrate with your accounting software to streamline tracking

Easy Direct Deposit Setup

Enjoy the convenience of direct deposit.

  • Trust that your employees are paid accurately and on time
  • Take advantage of same-day and next-day payroll
  • Cancel Payroll (within cancellation window) to fix errors

Automate Running Payroll

Save time by automating your regular payroll runs.

  • Get reminder before processing
  • Make changes if needed
  • Toggle on/off at any time

Payroll on the Go

Manage payroll from anywhere.

  • Access our app from your mobile, tablet, or desktop
  • Grant instant app access to your employees
  • Download and run your payroll in minutes

We're Here When You Need Help

We provide in-product knowledge articles to help guide you through common issues and tasks. And if you ever need help, our US-based customer care team is available via chat, email or phone to support you.

"I literally ran payroll on my Hawaiian vacation."

I was on vacation, taking a tour in Hawaii, when SurePayroll sent me a reminder to run my company’s payroll. I logged into the SurePayroll app on my phone and about 3 clicks later, payroll was complete. A total of 15 seconds. I was happy and the tour guide didn’t even notice!

Jovim Ventura | InoPrints


Take Care of Your Employees (and Yourself) with Additional Benefits

Health care benefits and 401(k) retirement plans are within reach for small business. Whether you’re in growth mode or are a sole proprietor, SurePayroll has options that fit your needs. 

See which Benefits & HR options fit your business.

nanny payroll

Did you know that if you hire a nanny, in the eyes of the IRS, you’re considered a business?

    • If you paid your nanny $2,300 or more in 2021, you must withhold and pay Social Security and Medicare on all of their wages.
    • If you paid your nanny $1,000 or more in a quarter in 2021, you must pay the federal unemployment tax or FUTA. You may also owe state unemployment taxes.
    • SurePayroll makes it easy to pay your employees, correctly file payroll taxes and handle the year-end forms.

See how we make paying your nanny easy

Refer Businesses — Get Rewards

Get up to $300 per business you refer to SurePayroll. The best part? There's no cap on what you can earn, and you don't even have to be a SurePayroll customer.


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