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About SurePayroll

Our Mission

To help U.S. small business succeed by providing payroll and related services through innovation and world-class support. 

Our Story

From the day we opened our doors in 2000, SurePayroll has been true to its mission. That's the day we revolutionized payroll by introducing the first completely online payroll and payroll tax-filing solution for small businesses with between 1 and 100 employees. As a result, we've quickly grown into the number one online payroll company. Our innovative solution is now recognized by industry experts as the top choice for small businesses. In 2011, SurePayroll joined the Paychex, Inc. family as a wholly owned subsidiary, now providing even more resources to our customers.

Our Promise

SurePayroll will deliver peace of mind by combining innovative, industry-leading technology and personalized support from an award-winning, U.S.-based customer care team. We will always strive to serve our customers by eliminating their payroll worries. In addition, SurePayroll provides efficient solutions for managing 401(k) plans, health insurance, workers' compensation, employee screening and more.