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A Variety of Payroll Options for Your Specific Small Business Needs

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The Right Payroll, the Right Fit for Your Business

Payroll for small business is not a one size fits all approach. Depending on the industry your small business operates in, there may be different tax complexities and regulations that you are required to follow.

Below are some common industries that we see at SurePayroll. If your industry is not listed below, have no fear – you can reach out to our sales team to discuss your situation and get answers on how we can help you with your small business payroll needs.

No matter the industry you operate in, one thing will always stay the same: At SurePayroll, we guarantee that your taxes will be paid and filed correctly

  • Accountant Partners

    SurePayroll offers a proven online payroll solution for accounting firms, bookkeepers, and payroll service providers that is easy, streamlined, and can help increase your firm's bottom line - all while providing a vital service. Join the thousands of accountants nationwide who are managing their client payroll with SurePayroll. With flexible options and the ability to run unlimited payroll, we can scale alongside your growth.
  • Agriculture

    Are you in the farming industry? You know that agriculture payroll has some unique requirements, such as filing Form 943. Furthermore, you may have questions about the Allocation Schedule for Aggregate Form 943 Filers, the small business payroll tax credit for increasing research activities, and much more. We know the ins and outs of agriculture Payroll, so you don’t have to.
  • Church & Clergy

    SurePayroll helps you keep up with the Clergy Housing Allowance Clarification Act and makes payroll easy. Simply enter your payroll online, preview and approve—we’ll handle the payroll taxes for you. Use direct deposit or print checks yourself. It’s easy.
  • Dentists

    Payroll doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth. But for some dentists, that’s exactly how managing payroll can feel. Using an online payroll service for your dental practice can free up time in your day so you can focus more on your patients, and less on payroll and taxes. Plus, with SurePayroll you can use “units” in payroll so you can easily track all of the services your employees are performing.
  • Household

    Do you have a landscaper, housekeeper, or elder care worker in your household? You are now considered a household employer and have the added responsibility of accurately paying your employees and handling taxes. As a household employer, you are responsible for the “nanny tax,” and not paying it can be costly. Let us manage your payroll so you can spend your time doing the things you love.
  • Nanny

    If you have a nanny, you are a household employer. This leads to a variety of nanny specific guidelines you’re required to follow. Employing a nanny requires you to pay the nanny tax. If you avoid doing so, instead paying cash under the table, it can result in fines up to $25,000. IRS Publication 926 (2019), Household Employer's Tax Guide, will point you in the right direction.
  • Nonprofit

    There are varying levels of nonprofits. However, most require that you follow the tax emption rules under IRS Section 501(c)(3). Operating a nonprofit can also lead to questions about accurately paying bonuses and commissions and properly classifying employees.
  • Restaurant

    If you own a restaurant, you know that payroll can quickly get confusing thanks to different pay schedules, and managing tips and wages for your employees. By using SurePayroll, you’ll have access to restaurant specific reporting, such as the FICA Tip Credit Report and the Tip Sign-Off Report.
  • Officer-Only/S-Corporation

    With over 70 percent of U.S. businesses operating under an S corporation, it’s fairly likely that you operate under this type of legal structure. From ensuring you are paying yourself reasonable compensation to estimated quarterly taxes, payroll for S corporations can be overwhelming. Add in a variety of forms – such as 1120S – and there are many requirements that deserve your attention.
  • Small Business

    If your industry is not listed above, check out this information on how SurePayroll can benefit your small business. We’re here to help you navigate the often-complex waters of small business payroll!