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the unnerving side effects of sleep deprivation - man with head on pillow exhausted

The Unnerving Side Effects of Sleep Deprivation

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Americans need more sleep. While most people get roughly eight hours of sleep every night, 35 percent report their sleep quality as “poor” or “only fair,” and say that sleep deprivation affects their daily activities at least once a week. 

To make up for their tiredness, the majority of Americans nap: Twenty-three percent took a nap one or two days, 13 percent three or four days, and 17 percent took a nap five to seven days in the last week.

A number of people do get enough sleep, and cite a comfortable mattress and a consistent sleep schedule as reasons why.

A few reasons why Americans' sleep is disturbed include watching TV before bed or using their computer, smartphone, or other mobile device while in bed. These actions have consequences, as too little sleep increases blood pressure and inflammation, decreased accuracy, increased irritability, a lower life expectancy, and weight gain.

With those and other detriments to sleep deprivation, it's imperative Americans improve their sleeping habits.

In the infographic below you can learn more about the poor sleep epidemic and how to ensure you get a good night's rest on a consistent basis.

sleep deprivation

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