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3 Gmail Plugins to Improve Your Productivity

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We’re all constantly looking for ways to improve our productivity – to do more in less time. One particular area where this is a challenge is in our inboxes.

With more than a 1 billion active users, Gmail remains king of the email world. While many use the platform for personal reasons, others rely on Gmail for business.

If email is sucking up a lot of your time, if it is holding you back in any way, it may be time to consider the implementation of a few plugins. Below are three Gmail plugins that can quickly improve workplace productivity:


1. Rapportive

Are you interested in sending somebody an email, such as a prospect or client, but unsure if this is the best method of contact? If so, Rapportive has you covered. With this Gmail add-on, you gain access to information related to the contact. From social profiles to job titles, everything you need to know about your contacts is displayed inside your inbox.


2. Gmail Snooze

If you are the type who hits the snooze button on your alarm, there is a good chance you'd like to do the same when it comes to email.

With Gmail Snooze, this is no longer a problem. When you open a message, you have the option to hit the "snooze button." This allows you to pause the message for a predetermined period of time. Once your time is up, you will receive a reminder to revisit the email.


3. WiseStamp

An email signature gives you the opportunity to share more information with those on the receiving end of your notes. With the help of WiseStamp, you can take your email signature to the next level. It allows you to promote your business by customizing your signature with a variety of colors, sizes, and fonts. Furthermore, you can add links to your social accounts and a photo (or logo).

If Gmail is your preferred email platform, these three plugins can improve your overall level of productivity and efficiency.