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How to Take a Holiday Break as a Small Business Owner

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Chris Bibey

The holiday season is a time to enjoy yourself. It is also a time for showing loved ones just how much you care about them.

Small business owners often find it difficult to "disconnect" during the months of November and December. They understand it is the holiday season. They also understand it is the end of the year, which means the calendar is about to turn and their business will once again heat up.

While there is often a focus on how much vacation time employees should receive, you don't hear quite as much about the boss. It's sort of a tale of two extremes for small business owners - on one hand, they have the freedom to take vacation whenever they want; on the other, they're so consumed with all aspects of the business they can't always afford to get away. Some can't even find time to take lunch.

As a small business owner, especially one who has never taken a holiday break in the past, there are a few tips you should consider following this year:

1. Plan in advance.

If you want to take a break around Christmas, for example, start planning as soon as possible. Mark your days off, tell others you will be out of the office, and create a plan for doing so in an efficient manner.

This will put your mind at ease, as you know all your ducks are in a row.

2. Stay connected.

Just because you are taking time off doesn't mean you have to forget about your business. You can stay connected, such as by checking email a couple times a day and returning voicemails as time allows.

Note: there is a big difference between staying connected and staying too connected. Maybe you stipulate that you only want to be contacted on crucial or emergent issues.

3. Trust others.

Trust your employees and contractors to do a good job while you are away. Trust your clients to understand that you have not forgotten about them, and will take care of their needs upon your return.

If you can put your trust in others, it is much easier to rest your mind as you take some time away from your business.