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Make Your Voice Heard!

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Steve Warnke

In this episode of the SurePayroll Mainstream Minute, Holly Wade, Executive Director of the National Federation of Independent Business, discusses the importance of having your voice heard by elected officials on issues that impact your business.


When you spend time around small business owners, you're going to hear a lot about how government policies impact business for better or for worse. But it's important to remember that you are not just bystanders in that process. The small business owners’ collective voice is powerful, and their concerns important.

The most direct way to voice your concerns on issues that impact you, whether it's taxes, regulations, or legislative efforts, both harmful and beneficial, is by contacting your member of Congress.

“Contacting your representatives and senators about issues impacting your business makes a difference,” said Holly Wade, executive director of the National Federation of Independent Business. “The more they hear directly from owners, the more they will understand the issues that are important and how it'll impact their district and their state.”

You can quickly find your elected officials contact information and send them a message of your concerns at and select “Take Action” in the drop-down box under “Advocacy.”

“Operating your business should be your main priority, not filling out more government required paperwork or figuring out how to absorb government cost increases,” said Wade. “Hearing your story and your concerns as a small business owner works in shaping how lawmakers think and act on policies that are important to you.”

Small business owners have a voice and it's important to use it!

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