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Small Business Owners Go Extra Mile for Employees

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May 26
Stefan Schumacher
Small business owners are going to extraordinary lengths for their employees in many cases, according to our May 2015 SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard.

75% of small business owners have helped employees with a personal matter. Some of the instances we heard from our survey include:

  • Sending a moving van and support team to help a female employee get out of an abusive relationship and move to a new apartment.
  • Offering financial assistance to medical bills, family members’ schooling and children’s clothing.
  • Fixing an employee’s dryer.
  • Catching an employee stealing equipment from the company, and instead of reporting the employee to the police, they allowed him to pay them back and that person became one of their most hardworking and loyal employees.
  • Helping repair an employee’s home after a tornado.

Most small businesses described their company culture as a place where the people who work there really care about each other and the environment is very collaborative.

  • 61% describe their company culture as collaborative – an open and friendly place to work where people care a lot about each other.
  • 73% said disagreements at the company are always handled calmly and professionally.
  • 49% described their relationship with employees as being like a family
  • 50% have a casual dress code.

Meanwhile, optimism among small business owners about the economy continues to soar to new highs. For the full picture on the small business economy, check out our infographic below:



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