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MLB's highest paid pitchers - pitcher on the mound

MLB's Highest Paid Pitchers

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Los Angeles Dodger pitcher Clayton Kershaw has become the first $200 million pitcher in Major League Baseball history. Actually, he’s a $215 million man, with a contract that spans seven years, according to ESPN. In light of this historic deal, we thought we’d take a look at the highest paid pitchers in the MLB, based on the most recent season. Keep in mind, Kershaw and Verlander will be skyrocketing up this list. We’ve included each player’s salary rank among pitchers, as well as their overall rank amongst the highest paid players in the MLB.

Baseball's salaries have come a long way since Catfish Hunter became the first million-dollar-a-year man in 1975.

According to ESPN, the 25-year-old Kershaw is not only a two-time Cy Young award winner, but also a humanitarian. Him and his wife founded an orphanage in Zambia and wrote a book about their experiences.

Kershaw's enormous figure on the Dodgers' payroll comes after the Detroit Tigers' Justin Verlander received a $180 million contract last year. The Dodgers, meanwhile, are also paying pitcher Zach Greinke a $147 million over six years.