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National Entrepreneurs’ Day and Giving Thanks for Small Business

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Stephanie Davis

This week, Americans officially kick off the holiday season with the celebration of Thanksgiving (don’t worry, we won’t tell if you’ve already been blasting holiday music since November 1).

Giving Thanks 2017

Before you dive into that turkey (or tofurkey, as the case may be), you might want to pause and savor a holiday created especially to celebrate small business owners like yourself: National Entrepreneurs’ Day.

As a small business owner, you know your work life is pretty unique, with benefits and challenges to balance; you get to be your own boss, you have developed a company for a product or service you are passionate about, and you have probably become a master juggler in managing everything. Being an entrepreneur is no easy feat, so take this opportunity to give yourself a round of applause.

Pause to Reflect and Recharge

Take some time this week to give yourself a mental break, whether you observe National Entrepreneurs’ Day by reflecting on how far you’ve come and what you need to get to your next step, or spend Thanksgiving meditating on what you are thankful for in your work and personal life (see more on giving thanks below).

Look at all you have accomplished as a small business owner and be proud of yourself. The journey likely hasn’t been easy, but each small step has gotten you to where you are today.

Don’t forget to dedicate some time to an activity or activities that recharge you. Take a nap, read a good book, jump in on a hobby you’ve been away from for too long, or spend some quality time with friends and family.

Pay It Forward

Running a successful business is hard. Many people dream of starting a business but get hung up on the logistics and worry that theirs will be one to fail. As a successful entrepreneur, you are in a position to help guide others on their journey. Perhaps you become a mentor to a college student or open your doors to high school workers to put in some hours after school. Maybe you give a presentation at a local college or high school and offer some words of wisdom to young creative minds.

Give Thanks

This probably seems like a no-brainer given the holiday focused on giving thanks later this week. Chances are you haven’t been on the entrepreneurial journey alone. From employees who work hard to sell your product to the friends and family who have pitched in and helped you get things rolling, take a moment to let those people know how much you appreciate them going on this journey with you. Besides the key players, also think about the supporting roles have contributed to the success of your business. Perhaps it’s the do-it-all maintenance person you call when you have something you need fixed, or the people who deliver your mail and help get other important packages out on time. Whoever is in your life helping you on this journey, take a minute to think about them and give thanks.

Bottom Line: Thank YOU

We know you have a million things going on this holiday season, whether it’s continuing your own family traditions, getting your retail store ready for busy season, or preparing yourself and your clients for year-end, but we wanted to take some time out of this week to recognize you for all that you do.

Thank you for pursuing and supporting small business dreams.

From our work family to yours, we hope you have some time over the holidays to recharge and relax. We hope this new year is the best yet for your business.

Thank you

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