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Post, Pin & Tweet: The Best Time to Outreach

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April 29

When it comes to engaging with your social media following, timing is of the essence. Knowingwhen to share a link may spell the difference between an Internet sensation and a big letdown. Knowing when the most users are in front of their computer and primed to share your content, can be tricky. Our infographic provides you with the best times and the worst times to post on social media platforms.

We’ve included a list of tools dedicated to helping you get your content scheduled and posted at the best time. These tools will help you customize the general guidelines in our infographics and tailor them to your specific audience.

For Google+ check out Timing+, which will analyze your historical data and suggest impactful times to share content. Facebook has a great tool called Insights, which gives a massive amount of information about your audience. Including the best days and times to post. Tweriod analyzes your tweets and your follower’s tweets to provide you with an optimized posting schedule. Buffermakes scheduling and posting to your social media profiles incredibly simple.

These free tools combined with the data from our infographic will help you optimize your social media channels for the best time to outreach.



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