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Optimize Your Morning Routine

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Stephanie Davis

Being productive comes in waves; some days it’s easy to hop out of bed and be ready to hit the ground running, and other days you’re hitting the snooze button continuously. If you’re trying to be more productive this year and start crushing your goals, we found some articles that can help.

Get Up On the Right Side of the Bed

In the article, How You Begin Your Day Can Make or Break Your Productivity, posted on Entrepreneur (@Entrepreneur), business owner Ebraheem Al Samadi offers readers 5 tips for starting their mornings on the right foot. Some days, waking up comes a little easier than others, and on the days it’s a bit of a struggle, small things can help. Al Samadi focuses on small changes that can improve your morning, including spending a few minutes focusing on your breathing and having a solid breakfast.

Make Your Routine Smarter

Similar to the points Al Samadi makes in the previous article, author Julian Hayes II (@thejulianhayes), offers five simple tweaks in his article, 5 Tiny Tweaks to Your Daily Routine That Will Double Your Energy and Productivity, for Inc. (@Inc). Hayes focuses on little ways to truly optimize your routine. Having a well structured, and planned, routine can be great to keep you focused on what you need to be working on, instead of wasting time on other tasks that may not be as important.

Create a Locked-In Schedule

“If scheduling every minute of your day sounds obsessive, consider this: It’s not micromanagement if it’s at your liberty.” John Hall (@JohnHall) begins his article, I Schedule Every Minute of My Day: Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing, on Forbes (@Forbes) with this quote. Hall is a big believer in having a structured calendar and ensuring every minute in the day is accounted for. If this sounds too daunting, don’t stress because Hall has three tips that you can follow to begin practicing this schedule. By making the plan, you are in control of how your day is spent, instead of letting others dictate it for you.

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