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  • Small Businesses Give Tax Rates a Failing Grade

    June 15

    With April 18 a couple of months behind us, the last thing many business owners want to think about is taxes. But with that stressful time of year fresh in mind, this month's Surepayroll Small Business Scorecard asked small business owners to rate the state of taxes they faced in 2016.

  • Insight from Small Business Owners

    April 27

    Looking back, many small business owners have no regrets about starting their business, according to the most recent SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard®, which surveyed small business owners nationwide last month.

  • Optimistic Ownership: Small Business Owners are Confident in Outlook for 2017

    January 17

    Small business owners are optimistic about the coming year, however, they're an independent lot and are not willing to shift responsibility for growing their profits to the economy or changing political spectrum.

  • The Bonus is Back

    November 30

    Small business owners are giving out more year-end bonuses than two years ago as their outlook on the economy improves. 

  • 9 Things to Buy for Your Business on Cyber Monday

    November 26

    As the holiday season approaches, retail deals abound, including deals for SBOs.  But how do you find the time to scour the internet and store mailings for the best deals to actually make it worth your while?  First, know that the game has changed.  Second, preparation is key.  And third, we’ll offer some advice on perennial discounts on items if you need them.

  • Do You Hate Your Job? You're Not Alone.

    November 14

    Hating your job is a terribly feeling. It’s hard to get out of bed in the morning and you don’t want to go to sleep at night, because you don’t want to face the next day. Your stomach is in a constant knot and every day is an unfulfilling struggle. Unfortunately, according to a survey from, only 39 percent of workers are finding that fulfillment, down from 59 percent a year ago.

  • 3 Reasons to Change your Perception of Outsourcing

    November 10

    Go back in time 20 years or so and outsourcing was considered a “dirty” word by many people.

  • The Power and Struggle of Women in Tech

    November 3

    While equality between men and women in the workforce has seen improvements in some areas, other fields leave plenty of room for improvement. In technology-related jobs, women are a distinct minority.

  • Politics and Taxes Frighten Small Business Owners

    October 25

    The presidential election seems to have a lot of people on edge, and small business owners are no exception. 

  • Hillary or Trump: Who is Better for Your Business?

    October 25

    It's a question surely every small business has asked during this long presidential campaign. 

  • What You Can Learn from Uber's Business Model

    October 24

    Uber has revolutionized travel in big cities by capitalizing on a few basic principles.

  • The Worst Thing About Owning a Business

    October 5

    Owning a business can have many rewards. They don't, however, always come easy.

  • You Can Be Rich At Any Age

    September 28

    Whether you're 93 or 25, you can make it big in business. Our list and infographic highlights some of the most successful entrepreneurs in every age category. 

  • 4 Ways to Adapt to a Minimum Wage Increase

    September 12

    We have talked about this in the past, but with so much discussion regarding the potential increase of minimum wage, with President Obama pushing for an increase to $10.10, it is well worth visiting again.

  • Most Small Businesses Don't Offer 401(k), Some Don't See the Value

    September 6

    Only 28% of small business owners are offering a 401k plan for their business, with 6% planning to add one soon, according to the August 2016 SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard. 

  • Small Business Owners Rank Favorite Tech Tools in 2016

    July 31

    These are the best tech tools and apps for Cloud storage, email, social media, CRMs and organization, as ranked by small business owners and entrepreneurs. 

  • Support for Online Sales Tax Returns

    July 22

    Do you recall all the talk of online sales tax legislation last year? If not, it won’t be long before these memories are once again creeping into your head.

  • It's All About the Economy, Not Hot Button Issues

    June 1

    While issues like health care reform, immigration and the minimum wage get a lot of attention, small business owners' have bigger concerns. 

  • Many Small Businesses Don't Have or Need a Website

    May 24

    Even as big brick and mortar retailers struggle with the rise of e-commerce, a surprising number of small businesses still do not have a website. And a significant number are saying the Web isn’t all that important to their business, according to the May 2015 SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard®.

  • Outsourcing Your Weaknesses Shows Strength

    May 7

    We all have strengths and so do businesses. A wise man knows his weaknesses. The same applies to a business. The crucial question is how to deal with the shortcomings.