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The Worst Thing About Owning a Business

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Stefan Schumacher

Owning a business can have many rewards. They don't, however, always come easy.

While being your own boss is great, and the potential for profits is there, our SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard survey found that a heavy load of responsibilities, constantly changing laws and managing employees can be a drain.

In addition, 89% of small business owners and entrepreneurs are working either all the time or at least occasionally on nights and weekends.

Almost half (46%) are unable to take a lunch break where they can disconnect with work.

"Even though I could, I never do," one small business owner said of their lunch hour. "I eat in the car while attached to my cell phone." 

Are They Happy?

Still, despite the challenges and the things they may not like, an overwhelming 92% said they are happy with the combination of added freedom and responsibility.

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  • 42% of small business owners said having too many responsibilities is the worst part of owning a business.
  • 44% said being their own boss is the best part.
  • 14% said managing employees is the worst part.
  • 8% said the financial rewards are the best part.