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Small Business Spring Cleaning

Spring Has Sprung: Small Business Spring Cleaning

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Stephanie Davis

Spring is the season that for many represents growth and new beginnings. People get excited to leave the snow and bitter cold from winter behind, and gear up for warmer days, fresh flowers, and the delightful sounds of birds chirping. Because of the energy of the spring season, it’s the perfect time to not only dig into some spring cleaning at home, but tackle your small business as well. We have some tips for the different ways you can spring clean your small business.

Pull Out Products and Get Down to Business

A spring cleaning article wouldn’t be complete without mentioning literally cleaning your business. Whether you work from home or have a physical location, this is a great time to re-focus your goals and start fresh. After flu season, you need to scrub extra hard to make sure there are no lingering germs around. Even if you’re working out of a home office, take a few minutes to clean your computer and accessories – they build up more germs than you think—pay special attention to anything you frequently touch or hold against your face, such as your phone or headset. If the idea of cleaning overwhelms you, start by following this list of 33 spring cleaning tips from Good Housekeeping. 

Digital Cleaning

How often do you save documents to your desktop and then forget to move them into the appropriate file, or delete them if they aren’t necessary? A cluttered computer desktop can be extremely overwhelming, so take some time for filing and purging. Have you backed up important documents lately? Make sure to spend a few minutes safeguarding yourself against potential document losses. Data Recovery Labs recommends that important documents get backed up at a minimum of once a week. 

In the midst of your physical cleaning, did you come across some papers that you need but aren’t sure where to store? Make digital copies and save them on your hard-drive. One final digital organization tip is to spend some time going through your emails. Inboxes can quickly turn into digital nightmares so pick an organization system that works for you, such as filing by a client or by completed jobs and move appropriate emails into the categories you create.

Tidy Up Your Finances

Spring might make you think of the color green, which is a color all small business owners love when it comes to tracking the success of their business. To keep seeing the green, you should spend some time evaluating your finances. With three months of the year behind you, take some time to see how you’re doing so far and plan some goals for where you would like to see for the rest of the year. Often times, small business owners say they have a hard time managing cash flow, so spending some time checking in with your finances can be helpful. 

For more complex issues, it may be best to reach out to an accountant or bookkeeper to get some help. 

Freshen Up Your Team

Given the theme of new life surrounding spring, this could be a great time to build your team. In line with evaluating your goals, think about what type of position you need to hire for. With spring comes the time that most businesses starting thinking about hiring seasonal employees for summer or bringing on summer interns. 

Bottom Line

All of these suggestions are good to incorporate several times throughout the year, but the timing just feels right to start in the spring. When your business is fresh and clean, it gives your mind the chance to feel clean and have the restored energy to keep running the best small business you can.