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the story behind Atlanta's tech boom - Atlanta skyline

The Story Behind Atlanta's Tech Boom

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Stefan Schumacher

Atlanta has been on a growth path upward for decades, interrupted by economic downturns like other vibrant metropolitan areas.

But a recent survey that showed Atlanta is one of the nation's emerging tech hubs demonstrates that the Southeast's main population center is on the rise once again.

The CareerBuilder survey said that measuring the tech sector is important because of the ripple effect on other business sectors.

Chief Technology Officer Eric Presley of CareerBuilder said that tech jobs tend to create jobs in other industries, and Atlanta has benefited from this phenomenon.

As more people with disposable income make their way to live in Atlanta, it boosts the economy. Thousands of jobs have sprouted up in the metro area since 2010.

There are many reasons why metropolitan areas become magnets for technology jobs. Atlanta, the nation's ninth largest metro area with approximately 5.5 million residents, certainly qualifies as an interesting case study. One of the likely attractions for tech jobs is a culture and economy that is vibrant in other areas.

For example, years ago, Atlanta placed a high emphasis on attracting music and film talent and companies. Is it more likely that tech companies want to locate to areas that have a strong entertainment culture? Possibly.

Atlanta has long been a hub for the entertainment industry, particularly urban and gospel music. Recent tax breaks have allowed it to become a destination spot for film and television production. Hundreds of millions of dollars pour in because of these productions. The tech sector is having a similar impact.

It is clear that a metropolitan area with "many talents" can have a ripple effect on attracting a variety of other businesses. Atlanta's new found success as a tech corridor just might have evolved from its success in other sectors.