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  • 3 Reasons to Change your Perception of Outsourcing

    August 13

    Go back in time 20+ years and many people in the business world have never thought twice about outsourcing.

  • How Do You Choose Between FSA's, HSA's, and HRA's?

    August 9

    One of the benefits that employees are looking for when choosing a company is healthcare and healthcare-related items.

  • The 411 on the Safe Harbor 401(k)

    August 8

    Choosing to offer a retirement plan as a benefit for your employees can be a real differentiator when it comes to attracting and retaining a talented workforce—and it’s also a milestone for many small businesses, marking when they have “made it” to the degree that they can compete with benefits offered by larger companies. 

  • Local SEO Tips for Small Business Owners

    August 7

    While word of mouth and referrals are common ways people learn about a new business, one of the quickest ways to find a business today is entering information into Google.

  • What is the Fair Labor Standards Act?

    August 5

    The Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA) was passed in 1938 to set practices that business owners need to follow to treat employees fairly and ensure they are working in safe conditions.

  • How To Be More Productive

    July 31

    Productivity is essential in the workforce. Without it, work doesn’t get done, which mean sales don’t happen and you wind up losing income for your small business.

  • Do You Have to Pay Employees for Military Leave?

    July 29

    If an employee of your company is part of the military, you should be proud of their bravery and patriotism.

  • How Much Does a Bad Hire Cost?

    July 29

    We have previously discussed the cost of losing an employee, but have you ever thought of the cost of a bad hire?

  • Common Types of Fraud in the Financial Industry

    July 24

    With technology taking over a larger role in our lives, it’s becoming more and more important to stay aware of common types for fraud and risk that could affect your business.

  • Tax and Safety Laws for Restaurants

    July 23

    As a restaurant owner, you know that there are specific rules you need to follow, for both your restaurant safety and properly paying your employees.

  • 5 Tips on Hiring Your First Employee

    July 22

    There will likely come a time in your small business journey when you are ready to hire employees.

  • How to Talk to Restaurant Employees About Payroll

    July 17

    Because the restaurant industry operates differently, it’s safe to assume that your new employees are going to have questions about how, and when, they are going to get paid.

  • Employee Benefits

    July 15

    Today, perks like free snacks or lunches, pet-friendly offices, flexible hours, and work from home options, are common, which means more employees are expecting them in their job search.

  • How to Engage and Retain Farm Employees

    July 12

    Farms are especially feeling the pressure of high turnover as the economy booms, and employees start to look elsewhere for development opportunities.

  • Insurance for Restaurants

    July 10

    Business insurance protects your business in various forms including, financial assets, intellectual and physical property from a covered loss due to lawsuits, property damage, theft, vandalism, loss of income, and employee injuries. 

  • How to Interview Someone

    July 8

    Between pouring over resumes, selecting candidates, interviewing said candidates, there’s a lot that goes into getting someone on your team

  • What To Look For In An Agriculture Payroll Provider

    July 5

    As a farmer, you know that preparation and having a plan can be the difference between a successful season or a disaster.  Similarly, when it comes to farming payroll, there are some complexities you need to be aware of and prepare yourself for.

  • Restaurant Payroll 101

    July 2

    When you opened your restaurant, you were likely thinking about the menu, pricing, and deals, and what the name would be. What probably didn’t make that list was how you were planning to handle your restaurant payroll.

  • 10 Things That Make Up an Ideal Workplace

    June 26

    With job seekers faced with more workplace options than they’ve likely experienced in their lifetimes, how can you draw in the right candidates to your business?

  • Online Payroll 101: Why It's Time to Take Another Look

    June 25

    Let’s face it, while not the most popular task; payroll is a business necessity.