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How-To: Return from Furlough, Rehire and Refusal to Return to Work Template Letters


As states re-open and more guidance becomes available, businesses will need to consider their staffing needs. To bring back an employee from furlough or to rehire previously separated employees, you should send employees a written letter to acknowledge and respond to by accepting or rejecting the offer in writing. You will also want to consider documenting in writing an employee’s refusal to return to work, as this could impact your application for forgiveness if you received a Paychex Protection Program loan.

To support our small business customers, SurePayroll has partnered with our parent company Paychex to provide templates that help make the process simpler and less time-consuming.

There is a general template letter (applies to most states) for bringing back a furloughed employee and one for hiring a previously separated employee, as well as several state-specific template letters for each situation. We have also included a template letter you can send to an employee who has rejected an offer to return to work. Because employers must include company-specific details in the letters such as any changes in schedule, you’ll find helpful instruction sheets on how to complete each section.


Letters and instructions for Return from Furlough


Refusal to Return to Work

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