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6 Month Guarantee

The SurePayroll Guarantee

Do I need to do anything to ensure my payroll taxes are paid and filed correctly and on time?

We just need a little basic tax information when you enroll so we can fully manage your payroll taxes. When enrolling, verify your company and employees are set up correctly using our convenient SureCheck enrollment process. All of our Sales representatives are dedicated to assisting you through this process and will find the answer to any of your enrollment questions.

What if I receive tax rate change notices or other notices from tax and labor agencies, including the IRS?

Please notify us whenever you receive any changes to your State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) rate, Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) rate and all other rate changes from federal or state agencies. We'll simply ask you to fax or email us the documents and we'll make all the changes. If you receive a penalty and we made the error, we'll pay the fines and interest.

When employees leave and I hire replacements, where can I make these updates?

You can update SurePayroll as employees leave, are hired and move — and even change your business address if you relocate — all online. If you'd like any assistance, our Customer Care representatives are available 6 days a week to help. Online help is available 24/7.
If I'm not happy with SurePayroll, how can I receive my Satisfaction Guaranteed reimbursement and $100 to switch to a different payroll provider?

We take our Satisfaction Guaranteed reimbursement seriously. If you're not completely happy with your SurePayroll experience, please contact our Customer Care department within 6 months of your first check date to request a Satisfaction Guaranteed reimbursement and terminate your service with SurePayroll. Once we've verified everything is in order, we will terminate your service and reimburse all your processing fees occurring from your first check date until up to six months from that time. We will deposit an additional $100 directly into your bank account.

What fees are included in the Satisfaction Guaranteed reimbursement?

We'll reimburse all your standard payroll fees incurred from your first check date up to 6 months later. Reimbursement for standard payroll processing fees does not include fees for non-sufficient funds, direct deposit reversals, direct deposit returns, missing employer identification numbers (EINs), undone or reprocessed payrolls, amendments, payroll adjustments and special requests.