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Household Payroll

For Nannies, Caregivers, Landscapers, and More

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Online Payroll Software For Household Employees

Do you have a nanny, housekeeper, or elder care worker in your household? If so, you may need to pay the household employment tax, also known as the nanny tax.

It’s difficult enough to manage the responsibilities of your household employee. When you add the work associated with calculating payroll and paying the necessary taxes, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. And if you miss a deadline, you could be subject to costly penalties.

At SurePayroll, we make household payroll easy by handling all payroll tax work on your behalf. This allows you to spend more time on the things that matter most in your life.

Benefits of Using SurePayroll

  • Enter hours and pay rate from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day, with our free mobile payroll app – all you need is internet access
  • Preview how much money will be debited from your bank account on payday
  • Approve the payment

DIY Household Payroll

  • Calculate wages and account for Social Security and Medicare taxes, state taxes, local taxes, and federal unemployment taxes (FUTA)
  • Complete and file multiple tax forms throughout the year with the IRS and state/local agencies
  • Keep up with all tax deposits as required by the applicable government agencies
  • Stay current with tax regulations

It’s a no-brainer: SurePayroll will save you time, eliminate the stress of payroll, and help you avoid costly errors.

Save Time and Money with a Household Payroll Service

Paying a household employee has unique requirements. For example, if you pay a person more than $2,600 a year or more than $1,000 per calendar quarter, you may need to pay the household employment tax.

Some of the most common types of household employees include:

SurePayroll Online Household Employee Payroll to the Rescue!

With the help of our online household employee payroll service, you never again have to manage this time consuming task. In addition to immediate payroll processing with a few clicks of your mouse, SurePayroll will:

  • Save you time: Leave the calculations and tax work behind – we automatically calculate wages, deduct the correct taxes, and file the appropriate forms.
  • Eliminate paperwork: We file all payroll paperwork and make deposits on your behalf.
  • Stay current with IRS and state regulations: We stay current on all household employee payroll laws, so you don’t have to.
  • Pay with direct deposit or print checks at home: There’s no additional charge for either.

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