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Payroll Services for Lawyers

Save Time & Resources on Payroll While Growing Your Bottom Line

Your responsibility as a lawyer is to help clients seek justice; you don't have time to worry about back office operations. The last thing you want or need to do is spend additional hours doing paperwork for which you are not compensated.

Consider this:
  • Most of a lawyer's time is spent commuting to and from the office and courtrooms.
  • It is difficult enough keeping changing payroll laws and regulations. Do you have additional time to stay on top of changes to federal and local payroll tax laws?
  • Your billing rates change based on the case. Your payroll can be affected every time your rates change.
  • Outsourcing payroll for your law office means one less thing to worry about for you. With SurePayroll, you can run payroll in two minutes — regardless of the time of day or your location. In addition, we stay current on federal, state and local payroll taxes keeping you complaint with payroll tax laws.

Here is just a sample of the thing you have to deal with on a daily basis, as a lawyer and as a business owner: ‚Äč

Your daily tasks:

  • Courtroom responsibilities
  • Research for cases
  • Communicating with clients
  • Preparing documents and filing motions
  • Managing staff
  • Accounts payable and collections

Outsourcing to SurePayroll:

  • Easily log-in, from anywhere, to submit and approve payroll.
  • Keep current, automatically with all local, state and federal tax codes, ensuring you stay compliant.
  • Seek guidance from our staff of experts.

By outsourcing payroll to SurePayroll, saving time is easy and affordable. It only takes 2 minutes to run payroll — from there, we do the rest.
Why outsource payroll services for your law practice?

As a lawyer you are in and out of courtrooms all day, this leaves little time to supervise the office. You rely on others to ensure paperwork and billing is completed on time properly, including payroll. You went to law school to practice law, not to be a payroll expert, so how can you be positive your payroll is being handled properly?

SurePayroll is the answer; we can save you time and money. By relying on a third-party payroll service like SurePayroll, you can cut overhead costs and be confident that you are staying compliant. With SurePayroll, it takes is 2 minutes every pay period, from anywhere, and we will handle everything for you. Now, you can focus on practicing law while eliminating the risk and stress associated with payroll.