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Meet SurePayroll's Team

SurePayroll's online service is backed by over hundreds of people dedicated to providing customers with the friendliest experience on earth. Meet the people behind the passion!

Customer Care

SurePayroll's friendly Customer Care team is here to eliminate your payroll worries. We're committed to resolving your issue quickly whether over the phone, via chat or on email. Whichever way you wish to receive assistance, we've got your back!


This is where your SurePayroll experience begins. Our New Account Specialists are available to walk you through how our simple payroll process works and set up your new SurePayroll account. They will answer any questions you have so you can decide if our solution is right for your business. We also offer account executives dedicated to helping you find the best health insurance, workers' compensation and 401k plans available.


Our technology is so simple to use, you may not need us, but we're here if you do. Every new SurePayroll customer is provided with their own Implementation Specialist who is guaranteed to help them get off to a great start!


With SurePayroll, you don't have to worry about payroll taxes. From depositing and filing your quarterly taxes to working with the IRS on your behalf should an issue arise, SurePayroll's Tax Department's got you covered!


Our mission is to provide the simplest, friendliest payroll experience on earth. SurePayroll's Technology Department works relentlessly to make sure our payroll processing technology not only secures your private data, but is also an easy-to-use experience.


This group is in charge of making sure the electronic transfer of all payroll funds goes off without a hitch. They're also there to facilitate manual payroll processing, if any is needed.



At SurePayroll, we're passionate about small businesses and your payroll. We're on constant alert to understand from our customers how we can make their jobs easier. Whether it's by enhancing payroll features or adding services, the Product Team stands for you!