Amber Aggarwal

Head of IT


Three ways the IT team supports SurePayroll customers

  1. Deliver world-class technology solutions focused on self-service and ease of use
  2. Sustain and grow our payroll platform while maintaining a simple user experience
  3. Scale and integrate our platform with new partners / vendors to benefit our customers


Three words that describe our customers

Self-Reliant, Focused and Budget-Minded


My secret to building and sustaining business relationships

Always be curious and listen to the pain points and needs of your customers and partners. Build solutions that works for them by using the right tools and technology.


Three words people in my life use to describe me

Empathetic, social, hardworking


My personal motto

Remind yourself every day that we are all human, we will all make mistakes, but the important thing is how we recover and learn from our mistakes.


Life outside SurePayroll

Travel, reading and long walks; helping my children build fun software products ( 


How I give back

Volunteer with “Feed my starving children;” help my children collect gently used shoes for


My career before SurePayroll

Leadership positions at Seismic (SAVO) and Flexera (now InstallShield)



B.S., computer science, Regional Engineering College, Jalandhar, India