Jenna Shklyar

Head of Marketing


Three ways the marketing team supports SurePayroll customers

  1. Provide customers with helpful information on evolving payroll and tax regulations
  2. Educate prospective customers on how online payroll is one of the sure ways to free up their time and focus on things they care about
  3. Help small business owners make the right decision when it comes to selecting their payroll and other benefits provider


Three words that describe our customers

Resilient, agile, hard-working


My secret to building and sustaining business relationships

Active listening, concise problem definition and working together to deliver solutions that exceed expectations  


Three words people in my life use to describe me

Considerate, gritty, resourceful


My personal motto

Embrace the curves in the road because the one thing that is constant in life is change


Life outside SurePayroll

Listening to music, planning the next getaway, and raising a toddler to be a good human


How I give back

Career mentoring


My career before SurePayroll (key positions, responsibilities, accomplishments, other)

Leadership roles across multiple industries in consulting, brand management, and product innovation


Education (degree, certifications, continuing ed, etc.)

MBA, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

B.S., Finance, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign