Full Service vs. Self-Service Payroll

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Compare SurePayroll Plans

Compare SurePayroll Services: Full vs Self-Service

SurePayroll offers two payroll plans: full service and self-service. While there are many similarities between both offerings, there are also some differences that you’ll want to explore.


Included With Both Full-Service and Self-Service Payroll

No matter which option you choose when trusting SurePayroll with your small business payroll, you can expect to receive the following:

  • No set-up fees or contracts
  • Deductions for Social Security, Medicare, unemployment, state, and local taxes
  • Multiple pay rates & bonuses included
  • Unlimited payroll runs - fast and no extra fees
  • Direct deposit & online pay stubs
  • Flexible payroll options including Auto Payroll
  • U.S.-based, award-winning customer service when you need it - including evenings & weekends Block


Self-Service Payroll

If you want to manage tax filing solo, self-service payroll is the option for you. Because you are opting out of help with tax filings, the monthly base rate for self-service payroll is less than full service. In addition to the points mentioned above, you can expect the following with this plan:


Full Service Payroll

Our full service payroll option is the most robust. If you don’t want to spend time worrying about tax filings, this is the plan for you. In addition to everything both plans get, you can expect:

  • Payroll taxes done for you all backed by our No Penalty Tax Guarantee
  • A 2-day payroll processing window – this is faster than the self-service plan plus beats the industry average
  • Access to up to date resources, including compliance posters and forms with HR Advisor
  • Covered by the SurePayroll No Penalty Tax Filing Guarantee


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