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Payroll Accounting Integration

Stop manually entering payroll into 2 systems.


Let our Accounting Integration help you easily post payroll entries to your general ledger in just seconds.

With Accounting Integration you:

  • Save time. Rather than typing payroll information twice, just import your payroll post entry into your general ledger in a couple mouse clicks.
  • Find and review payroll journal entries anywhere, anytime. When you need to look up a certain pay period's journal entry, you won't have to search through mountains of payroll records and paperwork.
  • Drastically reduce your chance for errors. Importing journal entries instead of typing them means no more double data entry that's fraught with potential for errors.

We work with leading small business accounting software providers: 

Ready to stop typing payroll twice? Give us a call at 877.954.7873 to see how you can use Accounting Integration to start saving time now.