HR Articles

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No business is too small not to benefit from human resources knowledge. These articles provide tips to help keep you compliant with labor agencies and keep your employees working smoothly.
Motivating Employees
It is possible to motivate your employees without giving them an ownership share in the company. Here's how.

Where to Find the Best Job Candidates for Your Business
Qualified and hard-working employees are out there. The trick is knowing where to find them.

How to Attract High Quality Job Candidates
There are several non-financial factors you can leverage to make your small business more attractive to prospective employees and contractors.

Employee Non-Discrimination Policies
The current business environment makes a written non-discrimination policy a necessity.

How to Write an Employee Handbook
The best employee handbooks share three essential qualities — content, clarity and consistency.

Employee Benefits
Every small business owner knows that to attract and retain quality employees you have to offer a solid benefits package.