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How Payroll Works

With SurePayroll, you can complete payroll for your business in 3 easy steps:

  1. Enter payroll data
  2. Preview payroll summary
  3. Approve payroll

Our easy, 3-step process lets you enter and approve payroll in minutes, or you can use our One-Click® Payroll to process payroll in seconds.

You simply approve preexisting payroll information, or input new wages, commissions or bonuses. And if you're using a time and attendance system you can import payroll information effortlessly using Time Clock Integration — a great tool to save business owners time and effort.

Unlike traditional payroll management services, SurePayroll lets you verify all employees' paycheck amounts and the total that will be deducted from your checking account before you complete the process.

Once you've approved the payroll, you're finished! We do the rest, including:


  • Calculate, file and pay federal, state and local payroll taxes — with satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Pay your employees by direct deposit and notify them of payment by email. (Or you can print and distribute checks if you prefer.)
  • Provide employees 24/7 online access to their paystubs, W-2s and other payroll information.
  • Produce payroll reports, and provide you and your accountant (if you grant them access) with 24/7 online access to payroll reports.
  • Provide you with customized labor law posters and other resources to help keep you in compliance.
  • Send you calendar reminders of employee events, such as anniversaries and birthdays.
  • Below is more detail regarding our payroll service, as well as the benefits of our payroll product.

Anytime, Anywhere Payroll Processing

Payroll processing can be done from anywhere you choose and any time you want — when it works for your schedule. You can process from home, the office or even from your smartphone.

Email Reminder Tells you When to Process Payroll

We send you an email reminder letting you know when it's time to run payroll, based on the schedule you set up during enrollment. You then log in to your online account, and complete the simple process. It takes most customers about 2 minutes.

Direct Deposit or Paper Checks

You choose whether you will pay employees by direct deposit or self-print checks from the office. You can use one or a combination of payment options, depending on your employee needs or your need for spur-of-the-moment employee payments.

Email Notification to your Employees

You don't have to manually distribute payroll information. We send your employees an email letting them know they've been paid. And they receive an online payroll account that allows them to access their paystubs online.

Your Taxes Filed & Paid — Unlike Other Services That Make You Pay Taxes

You don't have to worry about regular deposits or filing your 940 and 941s — we take care of all your tax responsibilities. SurePayroll calculates, deducts, deposits and files your taxes for you, without you having to re-enter our system. We even work with the IRS on your behalf if any issues arise.

World Class Security

When you use SurePayroll, you get industry-leading security measures. SurePayroll employs a dedicated security staff that continually implements new technologies that allow us to keep our customers' payroll data safe.

Flexible, Online Reports

With online access to essential payroll reports, you never have to wait for paper reports in the mail. You can view reports when you want and export them into various formats. And your accountant can easily view your reports online through secure, free account so you never have to print reports and fax or mail them again.

Total Control of Payroll Information

You don't have to call a payroll representative to make simple updates to company and employee information — the control is in your hands. You can go online and make changes when you wish.

Online W-2s and 1099s Prepared by SurePayroll

At the end of the year, SurePayroll posts your W-2s and 1099s online. You have the chance to review and approve them before they are final. If employees lose their W-2s and need additional copies, you can simply go online to print new ones. 

Friendly, U.S.-based Customer Care

  • By phone — including Saturdays
  • By email
  • Online 24/7

If you encounter a payroll issue, you don't have to deal with it alone. You receive unlimited access to our dedicated, U.S.-based payroll experts, who won't rest until your concerns have been eliminated. And if you'd like to access help online, we offer a fully searchable online help center that is available 24 hours a day.

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