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7 Signs You are Ready for a Payroll Solution

Everyone's reasons for outsourcing payroll are different, but most of our customers shared these 7 characteristics before switching to SurePayroll to enjoy the time-savings and convenience of online payroll.

  1. You're adding employees.

    Having at least 1 employee, he or she depends on you for consistent paychecks. But as a small business owner, your days and weeks blend together as you do the things needed to grow your business.

    SurePayroll eliminates that situation by sending you email reminders well in advance of payday, giving you plenty of time to pay your employees on time, every time. And it won't take you long — our simple three-step system let's you process payroll in 2 minutes or less, when and where it's convenient for you. To cut processing to seconds per payroll, you can use our One-Click® Payroll process.
  2.  You feel keeping up with payroll taxes is becoming more risky, complex and time-consuming.

    When you started your business did you expect you'd need to become an expert in calculating, paying and filing payroll taxes?
    If you're like most of our customers, you probably had no idea hiring employees would lead to so much additional work.

    SurePayroll takes payroll tax management completely off your list of things to do so you can focus on growing your business. We calculate the taxes. We make the deposits. We file the required forms and returns. And we take 100 percent liability for the timeliness and accuracy of all payroll tax deposits and filings — you just have to enter payroll data correctly. With SurePayroll, you won't be among the 40 percent of small business owners who receive an average payroll tax penalty of $845 each year from the IRS.
  3. Your employees want direct deposit.

    Most employees expect payment via direct deposit. The reasons are simple: They don't want to spend their free time at the bank depositing a paycheck if they don't have to, and they want their paycheck funds available on payday, not the next business day. Your employees are no different.

    SurePayroll makes it easy to give your employees what they want while saving you time in the process. No more time spent hand writing or printing paychecks and stubs. No more time spent reconciling individual payroll checks. We'll take all that off your plate and not charge you any additional fees to do it. It's a win for you and a win for them.
  4. You dedicate a single computer to run payroll.

    And you hope it never crashes or is stolen. SurePayroll backs up all of your data on a regular basis and ensures that confidential information is secure. With SurePayroll, an office disaster never means a payroll crisis.

  5. You keep receiving letters from the IRS containing line items for "Penalties" and "Interest" caused by payroll errors.

    IRS regulations are difficult to stay on top of, and they don't just change at the beginning of the year. Quarterly filings and payments are a chief source of confusion among many small business owners. To save you from costly fines and hours of payroll tax research, SurePayroll automatically calculates, deducts, files and pays all payroll taxes. If the IRS or another tax agency contacts you, we will work with them on your behalf to resolve any issues.
  6. You're spending more time calculating payroll wages, taxes and deductions than searching for new ways to grow your business and profits.
    You probably don't have the luxury or budget to hire a dedicated payroll administrator. When payroll takes time out of growing your business and keeping your current customers happy, you've got a problem. But obviously, your solution has to be affordable in order to justify the expense. With SurePayroll, you can receive full-service online payroll that takes a couple minutes per pay period — all for up to 50 percent less than a traditional provider.
  7. You're using your smartphone for everything you can, and the more you can do on-the-go, the better.
    Smartphones have become digital miracle-workers in the small business community. The ability to access email and the Web when you're not in front of a computer is priceless. If you need to be mobile for work or achieve greater life balance, SurePayroll is available anytime from your iPhone® or Android™.

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