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Time to go Web-based?

Small business owners are confronted with an array of desktop financial applications, like Quicken and Money, which they then would use to enter all financial data and tax information. That same software might be used to produce payroll. The complications of desktop software are that copies must be installed on different computers, someone must keep abreast of software updates and install them on all copies of the software and viruses must be combatted.

Others gravitate toward web-based financial solutions, which allow small businesses to access and enter information from any computer, securely. All the worries about updates, viruses and synchronizing copies of software are gone.

With computers and Internet ready devices becoming more like "terminals" that you use to log into your account and access your files, the need for having huge hard drives on your computer to store files is quickly fading. This shift from hardware to cloud based computer environments is also evident with web-based applications. The format itself is not new, but with advancements in browsers available today, more and more people are shifting to use web applications.

SurePayroll was created and thrives under the realization that this trend is bound to continue for many reasons. Online, web-based applications offer the best security, convenience and scalability.

Unlike payroll software, our online payroll service enables you to:

  • Process payroll anywhere, anytime — even from your iPhone®.
  • Stop paying for and installing payroll software and upgrades.
  • Rest assured all your federal, state and local payroll taxes are automatically paid and filed with satisfaction guaranteed, or we'll work with the IRS on your behalf to resolve any notices or penalties.
  • You can contact the 2012 Stevies Customer Service Contact Center of the Year for payroll help. SurePayroll gives you the convenience of online payroll with the knowledge and support of small business tax experts at your finger tips.

Several years ago, desktop applications' major advantage was interface usability. Those days are gone. Online applications' interfaces have improved dramatically. One reason: They are constantly being updated. Updates to desktop software can be frequent or infrequent, depending on the software company's interest level.

If your small business is going to explore a change in its payroll or other financial software, now is the time to do so in order to make changes in plenty of time for next year's tax season.