2020 Payroll Taxes AND Regulations Report

We know your association members didn’t start their business just for the thrill of payroll and taxes. It’s not the most exciting topic and can be completely confusing with ever changing tax laws and regulations. We surveyed 500 small business owners to get their thoughts on payroll and taxes. When you download our 2020 Payroll Taxes and Regulations Report, you’ll learn:

  • How many hours it takes small business owners to run payroll on average
  • The top mistake small business owners make when doing payroll on their own
  • The surprising payroll tax small business owners aren’t up to date on
    What to look for if you’re ready to choose an online payroll provider

If you’re tired of the headaches that come from payroll and taxes, download the report now.


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This survey was conducted before the COVID-19 pandemic.


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