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  • How to Get More Referrals for Your Business

    November 14

    If you rely heavily on referrals to grow your business, don’t hesitate to devote more time and energy to this aspect of your sales and marketing strategy.

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  • The Balance Sheet: Essential Facts for Small Business Owners

    November 3
    No matter what type of company they start, all small business owners need to have at least a basic familiarity with balance sheets. Balance sheets are straightforward documents which provide a snapshot of the financial condition of an individual or business. 

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  • How to Grow Your Accounting Business Through Payroll

    September 21
    Professional accountants assume the roles of trusted advisor and partner to small businesses, delivering sound financial management at every stage of their clients’ business process. But, did you know that according to a study by L. Harris Partners nearly 1 in 3 clients use multiple CPA firms, due to one firm lacking what the other one entails?
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  • How To Sell More Services During a Client Meeting

    March 21
    Developing relationships with your customers allows you to get to know their needs and identify services they are not currently using that they could benefit from. When selling services you are really selling expertise in an area where you and your team have more experience, training and knowledge.

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  • 5 Accounting Tasks to Complete Before the End of the Year

    December 9
    As the year comes to an end, it is time to review the past 12 months while also looking towards the future.

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  • From DJ to Accountant: What I've Learned

    December 4
    CPA James Heyward tells the story of how his experience as a DJ running a vinyl record store taught him to take a more personal, holistic approach to being an accountant for small businesses. 

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  • Busy Season Roundtable: Part 1 of 2

    November 14

    What are your peers doing to prepare for busy season?

    As you brace for the rush of busy season – have you ever wondered whether you are as prepared as others in your same position? Consider these suggestions we gathered from a group of your industry peers as they prepare their family, office and staff for the months ahead.

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  • What Accountants Should Offer Small Businesses

    November 4
    Making sure that your small business clients get the most out of their experience can seem challenging at times. However, if you want your accounting firm to be successful you have to give them an irresistible amount of service. Today, I will be sharing some strategies to grow your client base by providing your small business clients with a remarkable experience. These strategies have grown out of my experience working with my own firm, Huddleston Tax CPAs.

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  • How Accountants Use Social Media for Business

    October 29
    Many accountants use social media for their business as a way to be present online where like-minds linger.  Social media can start and nurture conversations between you, clients, prospects and other business partners.  It’s free which makes it appealing, and online therefore it’s convenient and accessible. Once you begin using it for business, you will be represented 24/7 in the social media arena.  Social media may not generate a large amount of leads or be a place for you to run advertisements, but think of it like hanging out socially so you are present to engage in discussions that you or others instigate.
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  • Client Gifts That Keep You Front-of-Mind: It's Never Too Early

    October 29
    Gifting your clients is a token of appreciation that further demonstrates you are thinking of them. Client gifts tend to fall into one of three categories, things they like, things they like but would not buy, and things they like but have not thought of buying (the cool stuff).

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  • A Journalist Goes from Zero to CPA in One Year

    October 13
    I was a young teenager when I came home from school one day and announced to my parents that I had chosen my life’s direction. I was going to be a professional musician. I had proven talent, so this wasn’t as much of a stretch as it might seem. Nevertheless, my well-meaning father leapt into action.

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  • How to Sell Your Accounting Services to Small Businesses

    August 5
    As an accountant, your clients are your lifeblood. While some firms chase after the “big fish,” many realize they can do quite well by dealing primarily with small, local businesses.
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  • How Accountants Can Survive Tax Season

    July 1
    Tax season is here. Accountants all over the country are scrambling to meet with clients, answer questions, prepare returns, and deal with a variety of issues that are sure to arise. Sounds like fun, right?

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  • Marketing Your Accounting Services: Part 1

    April 20
    The intent of marketing is to take action that results in greater exposure and the increased likelihood of more sales.  Marketing does not have to be expensive or a highly complex undertaking; it can be something as basic as joining the local chamber of commerce and the chamber of commerce organizations in surrounding communities, placing an ad in a local paper, telemarketing or sending a mailing to local businesses. Whatever the marketing initiative, always start with an end goal in mind.  It must be targeted to be effective.

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  • Free CPE Credits Online By Way of Webinar

    July 29
    Earn free CPE credits without ever leaving the office thanks to a SurePayroll CPE credit webinar. Through our partnership with CPE Link — the standard for professional education online — you can enroll in live webinars that help you reach your CPE credit quota.
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  • Make Your Dream Accounting Job Happen

    April 17
    It is not realistic to expect someone to approach you and offer you what you would consider a dream job; chances are you are going to have to make it happen with a little elbow grease. Your dream job does not have to be anything exotic or involve changing careers; it should be focused on your expertise.
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  • 5 ACA Tips for Businesses with 25 Employees or Less

    October 10

    Small businesses have expressed concerns about the impacts of new reforms and requirementstaking effect in 2013 and 2014 under the Affordable Care Act. Is your small business ready for potential changes to your benefits? Employers with fewer than 25 employees will want to familiarize themselves with a few changes:

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  • Dos and Dont's of CPA Firm Strategic Planning

    February 4
    Why do some accounting firms move forward while others stand still or even fall back? The answer often has to do with strategic planning: the process of envisioning a firm’s future and taking steps to realize it.

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  • How to Read Your Clients’ Body Language (Part 1 of 2)

    January 15
    Non-verbal communication – communication done through body language – can account for 50 to 90 percent of our communication with each other. Understanding body language will help you read clients and do business more effectively. For example, if you are discussing an add-on service with a client and they say, “I might be interested,” but their arms are crossed, the body language of “arms crossed” can be interpreted as a closed posture, which should be an indicator to you that they could be feeling skeptical and it might be the right time to pull out a testimonial or client success story about the add-on service you are discussing.
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  • Top 10 Ways to Take a Consultative Approach to Client Meetings

    December 23
    When meeting with clients, accountants may be most comfortable getting down to business by crunching numbers and going through reports. This approach may seem logical, but it’s not always the best approach for relationship-building.
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