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  • Make Your Dream Accounting Job Happen

    April 17

    It is not realistic to expect someone to approach you and offer you what you would consider a dream job; chances are you are going to have to make it happen with a little elbow grease. Your dream job does not have to be anything exotic or involve changing careers; it should be focused on your expertise.

  • How To Sell More Services During a Client Meeting

    March 21

    Developing relationships with your customers allows you to get to know their needs and identify services they are not currently using that they could benefit from. When selling services you are really selling expertise in an area where you and your team have more experience, training and knowledge. 

  • Dos and Dont's of CPA Firm Strategic Planning

    February 4

    Why do some accounting firms move forward while others stand still or even fall back? The answer often has to do with strategic planning: the process of envisioning a firm’s future and taking steps to realize it.

  • 10 Basic Tax Details Accountants Wish Your Business Knew

    January 20

    This article covers 10 common tax questions business owners ask their accountants and explains how each affects tax filings. When clients are educated, tax season may be less confusing for business owners, which may help accountants finish paperwork more quickly.

  • How to Read Your Clients' Body Language (Part 1 of 2)

    January 15

    Non-verbal communication – communication done through body language – can account for 50 to 90 percent of our communication with each other. Understanding body language will help you read clients and do business more effectively. For example, if you are discussing an add-on service with a client and they say, “I might be interested,” but their arms are crossed, the body language of “arms crossed” can be interpreted as a closed posture, which should be an indicator to you that they could be feeling skeptical and it might be the right time to pull out a testimonial or client success story about the add-on service you are discussing.