Small Business Owners

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  • How to Start a Small Business in California

    September 21

    With a population of more than 38 million, California is home to a diverse group of people. As an entrepreneur, the Golden State provides you with a unique opportunity to start a successful small business.

  • The 4 Best Known Ways to Build Business Credit

    September 20

    Some small business owners are surprised to learn that when they start a new business, not only does their business have "no" credit, but that no business credit also means "low" credit.

  • 4 Crucial Tips to Running a Profitable Business

    September 18

    Running your own business can be an extremely fulfilling occupation, but it will not last long if the business does not turn a profit. How do you make sure you are not spinning your wheels or falling into an expensive hole while pursuing your dream of business ownership?

  • 6 Inexpensive Ways to Reduce Waste for Your Small Business

    September 15

    We all know it’s possible to use waste policies to cut company spending. 3M, for instance, was famously able to save around $500 million just by implementing a more aggressive waste reduction strategy. 

  • 3 Ways Every Business Can Help Save the Planet and Benefit Too

    September 15

    Every business can see financial benefits from being environmentally conscious, thanks to both savings in your operating costs and consumer goodwill. When customers see that a company is sustainable or otherwise committed to ethical choices, 66% of them are willing to pay more for their products and services.

  • How to Start a Small Business in New York

    September 1

    As of 2010, there were approximately two million small businesses in the state of New York. During that same year, these companies employed 3.7 million workers. Even though the business world and economy changes with each passing year, the opportunity to start a small business in the Empire State remains.

  • What to Do If You Can't Pay Quarterly Bonuses

    August 31

    Imagine this: you are a small business owner who has paid quarterly bonuses to certain employees for many years. You enjoy showing them how much you care. And of course, they enjoy receiving the additional compensation.

  • Top Habits of the Most Productive People

    August 28

    “It should go without saying that a good night’s sleep will help you be more productive the following day. Even then, many people continue to burn the candle at both ends.”

  • Women Business Owners Face Trouble Securing Loans

    August 25

    Despite the fact that more and more women are becoming small business owners, this does not mean that everything is equal across the board. A recent report published by ABC News shows that women may struggle if the time comes to apply for a bank loan.

  • 8 Great Tools to Make You an Excel Expert

    August 24

    Excel is a powerful tool for collecting and manipulating data. In the accounting world, spreadsheets are an everyday tool used to analyze financial data, review exports of inventory, or search for trends of accounts payable invoices.

  • What are the 5 Most Common Small Businesses?

    August 6

    As an entrepreneur with an interest in starting a small business, you have hundreds upon hundreds of options. While some choose to take a “path less traveled,” others get involved with an industry that has been proven popular over the years.

  • Are You Considered Rich in Your City?

    June 26

    While some people don’t care to understand how their earnings stack up, others enjoy knowing where they stand. Your location has a lot to do with whether or not you are considered rich.

  • 5 Marketing Blogs Worth a Small Business Owner's Time

    June 5

    Online marketing has become a necessity for many small businesses today. With so many people shopping and researching their purchases online, it’s often essential for a business to connect with this growing audience. Ignore it and risk being left behind.

  • Quick Ways to Find Your Peace at the Office

    May 31

    The majority of the population says work is a major stressor in their lives, and small business owners are no exception. Not only do they have to manage their own stress, but they also have to monitor and alleviate the stress level of each employee to ensure the health of the company. This is no small task.

  • 3 Bad Email Habits That Kill Productivity

    May 20

    For many business professionals, email is a necessary evil. They enjoy the benefits, but at the same time they despise how it continually kills their productivity.

  • 10 YouTube Videos Every Small Business Owner Should Watch

    May 3

    With over a billion users, you never have to worry about fresh content being uploaded to YouTube. It’s also the second biggest search engine behind Google, with people looking for everything from how to pitch a business idea to how to make a billion dollars.

  • How to Start a Small Business in New Jersey

    April 18

    Did you know that small businesses represent more than 98 percent of employers in the state of New Jersey? In 2010, these businesses employed approximately 1.7 million workers.

  • How to Give Constructive Criticism

    April 4

    Constructive criticism is not meant to cause harm. In the workplace, for example, it is meant to help another person improve his or her performance.

  • Grants for Women-Owned Businesses: 4 Resources

    April 2

    Recent research suggests that women-owned businesses have increased dramatically over the past 15 years.  According to a recent American Express OPEN research report from 1997 to 2013, the number of women-owned businesses in the U.S. increased by 59 percent, while overall business growth lagged behind at 47 percent.

  • Common Types of Business Insurance: Do You Need a Policy?

    March 28

    Business owners are faced with many questions, including those associated with protecting themselves and their company from danger.