Small Business Owners

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  • 3 Bad Email Habits That Kill Productivity

    May 20

    For many business professionals, email is a necessary evil. They enjoy the benefits, but at the same time they despise how it continually kills their productivity.

  • 10 YouTube Videos Every Small Business Owner Should Watch

    May 3

    With over a billion users, you never have to worry about fresh content being uploaded to YouTube. It’s also the second biggest search engine behind Google, with people looking for everything from how to pitch a business idea to how to make a billion dollars.

  • How to Start a Small Business in New Jersey

    April 18

    Did you know that small businesses represent more than 98 percent of employers in the state of New Jersey? In 2010, these businesses employed approximately 1.7 million workers.

  • How to Give Constructive Criticism

    April 4

    Constructive criticism is not meant to cause harm. In the workplace, for example, it is meant to help another person improve his or her performance.

  • Grants for Women-Owned Businesses: 4 Resources

    April 2

    Recent research suggests that women-owned businesses have increased dramatically over the past 15 years.  According to a recent American Express OPEN research report from 1997 to 2013, the number of women-owned businesses in the U.S. increased by 59 percent, while overall business growth lagged behind at 47 percent.

  • Common Types of Business Insurance: Do You Need a Policy?

    March 28

    Business owners are faced with many questions, including those associated with protecting themselves and their company from danger.

  • The Hardest Part of Owning a Business

    March 18

    Not every business owner comes from a background of entrepreneurship or a family business. Many are first time owners who had to learn the hard way how to change their mindset from employee in someone else’s business, to owning their own operation.

  • 5 Finance Terms Small Biz Owners Must Know and Understand

    March 16

    As a small business owner, you will have a lot on your plate. From hiring new employees to bringing in new business, you will wear many hats.

  • How to Start a Small Business in Illinois

    March 14

    According to the Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy, small businesses represented more than 98 percent of all Illinois employers in 2010. In terms of quantity, there were approximately 1.2 million small businesses in the state at that time.

  • CEO Salaries: Who Makes the Most?

    March 12

    In our last blog post, we talked about CEO pay compared to their employees. The disparity, as you may have guessed, was quite pronounced. We thought it only natural then to look at the highest paid CEOs. The list might surprise you a bit, as the CEOs of Apple, Google and Microsoft don’t even make the top 10.

  • How Billionaires Make Their Money: Are You on the Right Track?

    March 6

    The “billionaire club” is exclusive. You don’t reach this level of wealth by mistake. And of course, you don’t hold onto this type of money unless you know what you are doing.

  • Don't Just Hand Down the Family Business, It Might Fail

    March 2

    As a successful business owner, it can be difficult to think about how your company will operate after you hang up your work boots.

  • 5 Qualities Successful Businesses Have in Common

    February 16

    Did you know there are tens of millions of businesses operating in the United States? Did you also know that a high percentage of businesses fail?

  • 9 Ways to Save Cash For Your Business Every Month

    February 8

    There may come a time when you realize your business expenses are out of control. Even if this day has yet to arrive, there is nothing wrong with taking a big picture view of your current budget. You may be surprised at what you find.

  • 11 Ways to Lose Your Employees

    February 1

    Employee retention is a big deal, as a high turnover rate leads to greater recruiting, hiring, and training costs, as well as a lack of continuity and experience.

  • How to Start a Small Business in Texas

    February 1

    Everything is bigger in Texas, right? While this may be the case with many things, from food to gas stations, it doesn’t always hold true in the business world. There are more than two million small businesses located throughout the Lone Star State.

  • 10 Henry Ford Quotes and Why They Still Matter

    January 22

    Henry Ford is perhaps our nation’s most recognizable business innovator. He was the father of the modern assembly line and creator of the Model T.

  • 5 Entrepreneurial Lessons from Martin Luther King, Jr.

    January 15

    It has been more than 50 years since Rev. King’s legendary “I Have a Dream” speech in Washington. It’s an important day for our country, as we all reflect on the humanitarian’s trans-formative ideas and actions that catalyzed the civil rights movement.

  • How to Start a Small Business in Florida

    January 14

    Did you know that small businesses represent almost 99 percent of all employers in the state of Florida? Although there are more than two million small businesses located throughout the state, there is always room for one more.

  • Long-Term vs. Short-Term Business Loan: Which is Best?

    January 8

    At some point, your company may require securing a business loan. This money can be used for everything from working capital to expansion to acquiring a competitor. Typically, loans have been acquired from banks, although that is starting to change.