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Same-Day Payroll When You Need It

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Caitlin Carragee

As a small business owner, you probably already know that flexibility is key: you’re wearing many hats, juggling several competing priorities, and never know exactly what turn your day might take. 

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But when you think of payroll, the last thing you probably think of is “flexibility.” And that’s true—to an extent: payroll laws are what they are and your employees need to get paid (and in many states, there are specific regulations around frequency and timing of pay).

Having said that, at SurePayroll our goal is to offer a flexible payroll experience that suits your small business needs—and last month we released some new features to support that goal: next-day, same-day, and cancel payroll.

When we initially developed our next-day and same-day payroll processing, we were thinking of cases where your standard payroll processing deadline may have gotten away from you. Based on feedback we’ve received, we realize the need for expedited payroll extends beyond missed deadlines.

For example, many states have final paycheck laws in place for whenever an employee leaves. A number of states require employers to give a departing employee his or her final paycheck quickly—in some cases that same day or the next business day. In other states, the time limit depends on whether the employee left voluntarily or was fired.

An employee’s unexpected departure may not fall within your standard payroll schedule, and in order to be compliant with your state law, you may need to generate an unexpected, expedited payroll.

To support those instances, we’ve introduced on-demand next-day and same-day payroll processing for eligible* SurePayroll customers, to ensure that you can run additional payrolls quickly when you need them.

To learn more about why SurePayroll is the right fit for your small business, request a quote today.

*Expedited payroll services are available to eligible customers: those who have run at least six payrolls with us and haven’t had any instances of non-sufficient funds within the last six months. In addition, expedited transactions are only available on business days, not bank holidays or weekends. For next-day processing, the payroll must be scheduled by 3PM CST the prior business day; for same-day processing, payroll must be scheduled by 10:30AM CST on the business day you schedule it.  

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