Small Business Tips

  • Productivity Tips - January 18

    January 18

    Being productive comes in waves; some days it’s easy to hop out of bed and be ready to hit the ground running, and other days you’re hitting the snooze button continuously. If you’re trying to be more productive this year and start crushing your goals, we found some articles that can help.

  • Client Corner: I Have a Bean

    January 16

    Pete Leonard is a seasoned small business owner, and since the beginning of his small business journey, has trusted SurePayroll with all of his business ventures. With a background in software, and now a passion for roasting coffee, Pete is currently on his fifth and most personal business. As the owner of roasting company I Have a Bean, and Café On The Park, both located in Wheaton, IL, he sat down with us and shared the personal story behind these businesses, his experiences as a small business owner, and advice for those aspiring to open their own business. 

  • All Work and No Play: 4 Tips to Change Your Workaholic Ways

    January 14

    We know that as a small business owner you wear multiple hats and are constantly on the go. While running your business is a huge priority in your life, as it is how you financially support yourself, taking breaks is necessary. Burnout and exhaustion happen easily and burning the midnight oil all the time isn’t good for you or your business.

  • New Year Health - January 11

    January 11

    Choosing to make your health a priority in the new year is a popular resolution for many. However, health can take on various forms that you may not be factoring into your resolutions. This week, we have some articles that will help you start 2019 on a well-rounded healthy note covering your physical, mental and financial health.

  • Self-Care for Small Business Owners

    January 8

    Self-care is a topic that is talked about frequently. With increasing stressors, such as struggling to find work / life balance, the negativity that lurks on the news and social media, and just day-to-day stressors, people have been looking for more ways to relax and escape from the negativity. As a small business owner, you likely know a thing or two about stress, burning the candle at both ends, and trying to keep your business, and life, on track. Since your business can’t run as efficiently without you there, it’s crucial to make sure you’re setting aside some time for yourself to recharge.  

  • New Year's Resolutions - January 4

    January 4

    Happy New Year! The start of a new year is the opportunity that many are looking for to start fresh and set some new goals. However, by January 17th many people stop pursuing these new resolutions altogether. If you’re looking to make some changes this year, we found some articles that might help. First of all, if you haven’t set any resolutions yet, don’t panic, because our first article says waiting can be best. Next, so you don’t waver from your goals, we found some very simple tips for helping your resolutions stick. Last up, check out some resolutions one small business owner set for business in 2019 that are still relatable today.

  • 2019 Trends and Changes - December 28

    December 28

    2019 is officially next week, and while it may just be another day on the calendar, the new year tends to bring in some changes. To help you get started, we found a couple of articles that could be useful in understanding 2019 a little better. First, taxes are going to be a little different in 2019 thanks to the new tax laws passed this year, so you’ll want to plan now to avoid any tax surprises. Next, the retail industry has been constantly changing thanks to technology advancing. If you’re a retail small business owner, you’ll want to check out the trends expected in the new year. Last up, saving for retirement is important, and the IRS has made some changes that will allow you to save even more.

  • Year-End Employee Tips - December 21

    December 21

    While giving thanks to your employees and showing appreciation is welcomed year-round, there is an extra emphasis on this at the end of the year. Another employee moment that pops up this time of year is annual performance reviews. This week, we found some articles that about how to end the year on a positive note, including ideas to give thanks to your employees, and how to put a more positive spin on the annual review (spoiler: not doing one).

  • Have a Healthy New Year

    December 18

    In some ways it feels like we were just talking about New Year’s Resolutions, and other times we realize just how jam packed the year has been and how much has happened. If you’re looking to start the new year on a fresh start, we understand and have you covered. In the past, we did a series on focusing on three different areas of health: physical, mental, and financial. After all of the fun of the holidays with shopping, and eating all of the delicious food, if you need some inspiration about how to start the new year a bit healthier, we have some ideas.

  • Year-End Planning - December 14

    December 14

    Between the parties and fun of the holiday season, comes a lot of stress and planning for small business owners. It’s a time for evaluating how the year went, making plans and setting goals for the new year, and wrapping up important tax documentation. To help with the crazy that happens this time of year, we gathered articles about managing stress this season, year-end tax tips, and some ways to get you planning for the new year.

  • Family Businesses - December 7

    December 7

    With an extra focus on family this time of year, we thought it would be a good time to talk about family run small businesses. Working with your family is going to be different than working with others; your family knows every single thing about you, including your strengths and weaknesses, and tend to be a bit more honest than others might be. Whether you are already in business and want to keep thriving, or looking for best tips to start, we have some articles that should help you out.

  • Money Management - November 30

    November 30

    Money tasks aren’t usually enjoyable to deal with, and as a small business owner they can be especially stressful. As we are quickly approaching year-end, it doesn’t hurt to spend a few minutes cleaning up your finances and if you’re struggling, finding some new ways to change your spending habits to start the new year on a clean slate.

  • Thankfulness & Gratitude - November 23

    November 23

    With National Entrepreneurs’ Day and Thanksgiving this week, there is a special emphasis on being thankful and practicing gratitude. In addition to this time of year, it’s important to be thankful year-round and can actually lead to better health and well-being, along with delivering positive results for your small business. This week, we found a few articles that help explain these topics in more detail.

  • Small Business Success Stories - November 16

    November 16

    Ahead of National Entrepreneurs’ Day, we wanted to find some articles that celebrate the success of small business owners. Being a small business owner is no easy feat, and for those times when you’re feeling a bit discouraged, it can be helpful to look at some stories to see you aren’t alone in your struggles and can succeed. Learn from one small business owner who went from broke to raking in sales, one Uber driver who got creative and turned his vehicle into a product showroom, and lastly check out four more stories that have something to teach you about being a small business owner.

  • The Importance of Having an Employee Handbook

    November 12

    Employee handbooks. How often have you received one of these and wondered if it was worth the time it takes to read? You might thing that most of the information in the handbook is stuff you’ve seen before.

  • Happiness - November 9

    November 9

    It seems like we are always on the quest for happiness. For some people, happiness comes naturally and others it can take a little more work to find it. There is also always the question about what truly makes you happy. This week, we gathered an article that gives you all of the details on an extremely popular happiness course at Yale. Next, learn the truth about how much money will make you happy, and lastly find out how to refocus on the things that are truly important in your life.

  • Keeping Your Small Business Safe

    November 7

    Safety is an important workplace subject that has evolved over the years. As a small business owner, depending on your business, you may be wondering just how much emphasis you need to place on safety. It’s important to remember that while some industries have more to plan around than others, injuries and accidents can be as simple as tripping over your computer cord. By ensuring your small business is as safe as possible, you can protect yourself, employees, and customers from unfortunate situations that can easily be avoided.  

  • Remote Employees - November 2

    November 2

    In recent years the workforce has been changing, and more and more people are working remotely. While many people believe that work from home employees are less productive and tend to slack off more, research actually shows the opposite. However, it can easy for remote employees to feel like they aren’t part of a time and that communicating can sometimes be a problem. This week, we found some articles that will better help you understand remote employees and ways to keep them engaged.

  • Small Business Saturday - October 26

    October 26

    The holiday shopping season is quickly approaching, with Black Friday and Small Business Saturday now being less than a month away. This year, consumers are ready to spend, which is great news for your small business. This week, to help you gear up for the season, we gathered articles about how other small business owners are advertising, the consumer shopping habits for the season, and the 5 online shopping trends to be aware of.

  • Preparing for Small Business Saturday

    October 24

    We are officially one month out from Small Business Saturday! As a small business owner, this is a day to look forward to, but you might not know how best to participate. Last year, we did a two-part series about the history and importance of Small Business Saturday and some things that you should keep in mind as you plan. This year, we are sharing some stats from the 2017 shopping season, providing a recap of what you can do to be successful, and asking for your help in filling out a fast Small Business Saturday survey.