Small Business Tips

  • Money Management - November 30

    November 30

    Money tasks aren’t usually enjoyable to deal with, and as a small business owner they can be especially stressful. As we are quickly approaching year-end, it doesn’t hurt to spend a few minutes cleaning up your finances and if you’re struggling, finding some new ways to change your spending habits to start the new year on a clean slate.

  • Thankfulness & Gratitude - November 23

    November 23

    With National Entrepreneurs’ Day and Thanksgiving this week, there is a special emphasis on being thankful and practicing gratitude. In addition to this time of year, it’s important to be thankful year-round and can actually lead to better health and well-being, along with delivering positive results for your small business. This week, we found a few articles that help explain these topics in more detail.

  • Small Business Success Stories - November 16

    November 16

    Ahead of National Entrepreneurs’ Day, we wanted to find some articles that celebrate the success of small business owners. Being a small business owner is no easy feat, and for those times when you’re feeling a bit discouraged, it can be helpful to look at some stories to see you aren’t alone in your struggles and can succeed. Learn from one small business owner who went from broke to raking in sales, one Uber driver who got creative and turned his vehicle into a product showroom, and lastly check out four more stories that have something to teach you about being a small business owner.

  • The Importance of Having an Employee Handbook

    November 12

    Employee handbooks. How often have you received one of these and wondered if it was worth the time it takes to read? You might thing that most of the information in the handbook is stuff you’ve seen before.

  • Happiness - November 9

    November 9

    It seems like we are always on the quest for happiness. For some people, happiness comes naturally and others it can take a little more work to find it. There is also always the question about what truly makes you happy. This week, we gathered an article that gives you all of the details on an extremely popular happiness course at Yale. Next, learn the truth about how much money will make you happy, and lastly find out how to refocus on the things that are truly important in your life.

  • Keeping Your Small Business Safe

    November 7

    Safety is an important workplace subject that has evolved over the years. As a small business owner, depending on your business, you may be wondering just how much emphasis you need to place on safety. 

  • Remote Employees - November 2

    November 2

    In recent years the workforce has been changing, and more and more people are working remotely. While many people believe that work from home employees are less productive and tend to slack off more, research actually shows the opposite. However, it can easy for remote employees to feel like they aren’t part of a time and that communicating can sometimes be a problem. This week, we found some articles that will better help you understand remote employees and ways to keep them engaged.

  • Small Business Saturday - October 26

    October 26

    The holiday shopping season is quickly approaching, with Black Friday and Small Business Saturday now being less than a month away. This year, consumers are ready to spend, which is great news for your small business. This week, to help you gear up for the season, we gathered articles about how other small business owners are advertising, the consumer shopping habits for the season, and the 5 online shopping trends to be aware of.

  • Hiring Tips - October 19

    October 19

    Hiring as a small business owner can be hard and overwhelming. With everything else you have going on, while you might need help, getting the process started can take a while. This week, we found some articles that can help you out and offer advice on hiring on a limited budget, hiring more effectively, and how to find the right seasonal employees for your small business.

  • Marketing Tips - October 12

    October 12

    For any business to be successful, a solid marketing plan is key. After all, if people don’t know that you exist, or what products or services you sell, how are you supposed to make any money? Marketing can also be confusing, and is an area that is always evolving. This week, we have some articles that will help you better understand marketing, tips for a great plan, and how Generation Z is going to shake up online marketing.

  • It Ain't All About the Money: When Salary and Employee Engagement Overlap

    October 10

    “Money can’t buy happiness.” How often have you heard this saying, and how often have you heard the follow up along the lines of “maybe not, but I would be happier sitting at my beach house with a margarita in hand”? 

  • Female Entrepreneurs

    October 5

    Did you know that October is National Women’s Small Business Month? To kick off the month, we are dedicating this week’s reading list to female small business owners. Being a female small business owner can be a challenge. From typically being paid less than male counterparts, or struggling to find the funding, many women are intimidated to launch their own business. This week, we gathered some articles that will help female entrepreneurs with funding, building a supportive team, and understanding how to charge what they are worth. 

  • Understanding Employee Engagement

    October 3

    In our three-part series on employee engagement, we are going to explain what it is, share some research about it not being all about money, and how you can get your employees more engaged, especially if you can’t increase salary.

  • Small Business News - September 28

    September 28

    As a small business owner, you likely struggle to find the time to keep up on the important news that could impact your business. This week, we gathered three timely pieces that you should be aware of. Check in to learn the latest tech news, which states are “friendliest” for small business owners, and understand what other small business owners are thinking about the new tariffs.

  • Business Lessons From Exercising - September 21

    September 21

    You know why you should be working how, and the long-term health and mental benefits of doing so, but do you know that exercise can help your small business? The articles below discuss a few benefits, such as how exercising can be your biggest competitive advantage, or how you can learn business tips from a popular boutique fitness studio. 

  • All Hands on Deck: Hiring Seasonal Workers for Your Busy Season

    September 17

    Each season brings something new such as warmer temperatures or changing leaves. When it comes to owning a small business, that something new may be your busy season. 

  • Savings Tips - September 14

    September 14

    Saving money is hard. As a small business owner, you’re likely juggling balancing your personal savings and saving money on your businesses expenses as well. Being a small business owner certainly isn’t cheap, and it can take some extra strategy to save your money. Below are some tips to help you keep more cash in your wallet, and check out the bonus article about some retirement news.

  • 5 Ways to Save on Business Expenses

    September 12

    Running a business is expensive. Depending on the type of business you have, your expenses could include rent, utilities, materials for a product you sell, or paying multiple employees, as a few examples. 

  • Looking For Ways to Save?

    September 10

    Saving money can take on a variety of forms; from saving for a rainy day, building an emergency fund, or setting aside money for college costs and retirement, it feels like there is always something that you should be saving for. 

  • Millennials and Small Business - August 31

    August 31

    It seems that every day there is a new article about millennials – what their habits are, what industries they are killing, and how they are changing the world. What you likely aren’t seeing, or thinking about, is how millennials play a role in the small business space. This week, we gathered some articles that explain how millennials are shaping the small business world, and if you employ millennials at your small business, how to better manage them.