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SurePayroll Earns PCMag 2023 Best Payroll Honors

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Claudette Zolkowski

In its 2023 review, the PCMag editorial team praises the top-notch customer service, enhanced onboarding, and skillful navigation SurePayroll delivers for its customers. Find out why PCMag calls SurePayroll Excellent for Small Business and Best for Specialized Payrolls.  


PCMag, a leading authority on technology, recognized SurePayroll among the country’s best online payroll services for 2023.

The review team rated SurePayroll as “excellent for small business” and named it “Best for Specialized Payrolls.” The payroll service rating is based on many factors, including:  

  • Top-notch customer support, including Saturdays 
  • Excellent onboarding tools 
  • Step-by-step set-up wizard 
  • Well-designed web pages 
  • Intuitive navigation  
  • Flexibility for different business types  
  • Integration with many accounting systems 

Recognizing its long history in the online payroll space, the PCMag review says SurePayroll “has long been among the best payroll services for small businesses.”

Lead reviewer Kathy Yakal credits SurePayroll for its ease to:  

  • create and manage employee records 
  • process runs 
  • handle related taxes 
  • keep small business owners compliant.   

Describing SurePayroll as a “comprehensive payroll process that supports multiple vertical industries,” the in-depth review compliments the payroll software’s updated user interface and dashboard, as well as the ability to integrate with many accounting systems.   

Praising the enhanced onboarding tool, the review says the step-by-step wizard is “excellent” and spotlights the unique-to-SurePayroll setup review step.  

“Tax preparation websites could take a page from the site’s handling of the review process,” according to the review.   

The review highlights features where SurePayroll stands out from other online payroll services.   

Calling the retooled web pages “exceptionally well-designed,” the review focuses on how skillfully and quickly the SurePayroll navigation points the user in the right direction. “It’s a little easier to get they lay of the land with SurePayroll than with Gusto,” according to the review.  

SurePayroll also receives accolades for the “type of flexibility not found in most competing services” as well as its ability to integrate “with more accounting systems than the competition.” 

SurePayroll is a frequent PCMag top pick, featured on consecutive “Best Of” lists.  

PCMag editorial reviews and conclusions are crafted without any personal, advertising, marketing, or other business considerations.


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