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What To Look For In An Agriculture Payroll Provider

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Stephanie Davis

As a farmer, you know that preparation and having a plan can be the difference between a successful season or a disaster.  Similarly, when it comes to farming payroll, there are some complexities you need to be aware of and prepare yourself for.

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When choosing online payroll software for your farm payroll needs, it’s important to remember that not all payroll providers are created equally. Below, you’ll learn about the key things you need to have covered to run your farm’s payroll, and some features SurePayroll offers that you may want to take advantage of. If you’re comparing multiple online payroll software providers, we have a one-page guide you can download to have on hand while researching.

Coverage of Form 943

The biggest consideration in determining payroll software for your farming payroll is if the provider will help you with filing Form 943. If you pay wages to one or more employees and said wages are subject to Social Security and Medicare taxes, you need to file Form 943, which is the employer’s annual federal tax return for agricultural employees. As a small business owner, incorrectly filing these taxes can put you at risk, so if you are unsure about anything tax related, choosing payroll software to help you can be a smart move.

At SurePayroll, we file Form 943 for you, and when choosing us for your agriculture payroll needs, you’ll also be backed by our taxes paid and filed guarantee:  If you receive a notice from the IRS, or any other tax agency, based on a filing that SurePayroll made for your organization, we’ll work with the agency to help resolve the issue on your behalf.  And, if we’re at fault, we’ll pay all the associated penalties and fines.*

Mobile Payroll App

Life on a farm moves quickly, and you’re likely spending most of your time outside managing your farm instead of sitting at a desk all day. We understand that small business owners are always on the go, especially farmers who could be juggling maintenance projects, animal emergencies, or planning yields per acre. To help you balance these time-consuming tasks with the necessities of payroll, we offer a free mobile payroll app that can be download to your smart devices so you can run payroll from the palm of your hand. Whether you are maintaining your high tunnels or making rounds on your tractor, don’t stress about having to rush to a computer to pay your employees on time.

Customer Service

While you are considered an expert in your fields, you may not be as skilled in knowing the ins and outs of payroll and taxes. When payroll is incorrect, or employees are paid late, it can be overwhelming to handle, especially if it leaves you with angry workers. Tax mistakes are easy to make but have the potential to cost you big depending on the error made. We know that these aren’t fun subjects for small business owners to tackle alone, which is why we strive to provide world class customer service. Our U.S.-based customer service team is an 11-time winner of the Stevie Awards for Customer Service. The majority of our calls are answered within one minute, and we also provide support on nights and weekends, which isn’t common among other payroll software providers.

Other Considerations

As a farmer, these are a few things you’ll want to consider when choosing online payroll software for your farm operation. However, some other subjects could include payroll processing times and flexible payroll options. To make sure you’re doing your research on different providers, click here to access our one-page guide about agriculture payroll considerations, with notes on how SurePayroll can get you pay-rolling.


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