Time Clock Integration

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Time Clock Integration

Save time and eliminate manual entry errors with our time clock integration. 

Depending on your business, you likely support a combination of hourly and salaried employees—and tracking rates and hours for payroll can be anything from an outright challenge to a tedious, time-draining aspect of your job…particularly if you’re tracking hours in one system or spreadsheet, and processing payroll in another. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

SurePayroll’s goal is to offer the most flexible payroll option on the market for small businesses like yours. And when it comes to tracking time and updating payroll amounts, you have options.


We offer a full integration with stratustime. stratustime lets you decide how your employees report their time, as it supports the following time entry methods:

  • Web Punch
  • Online Time Sheet Entry
  • Mobile Web

And, its seamless integration with SurePayroll means that when it comes time to run payroll, hours and pay adjustments automatically update from stratustime, which equals less data entry, manual work, and risk of errors for you.

Already have a preferred time clock provider?

We’ve partnered with the most widely used time clock providers whose services meet the needs of small businesses so you won't have to change vendors if you don’t want to. Check out our list of partners below.

When you take advantage of time clock integration with your existing provider, all you have to do is upload your time clock file and you avoid the hassle of manually entering payroll data on payroll entry.

More time for you. Less time on payroll and taxes. 

Continue to our Time Clock Partners page to learn more about the time clock software compatible with SurePayroll. Or give us a call at 877.954.7873 to receive a free payroll price quote that includes this time-saving feature.