SurePayroll's Podcast for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Every small business is powered by a bolt of inspiration and the dedicated people who bring it to life.

And the Back of the Napkin podcast is where small business owners can tune in to explore the unique ideas that have launched successful enterprises, and meet entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to think differently.

In each episode, we’ll sit down with entrepreneurs from all kinds of different industries to learn why they got into business, how their ideas have developed, and what twists and turns they’ve faced along the way. You won’t believe some of the wild ideas that have taken root, and you’ll be able to learn valuable lessons from the mistakes that other entrepreneurs have already made.

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, and we hope these stories inspire business owners and consumers alike to dream big, take risks and shop locally.

At SurePayroll, small business is our business, and we understand that a lot goes into running your operation. Our easy online service makes running payroll for small- and micro-businesses a breeze so entrepreneurs can focus less on payroll and taxes and spend more time doing what they do best.

So roll up your sleeves, brew some strong coffee and make sure you’re subscribed on your favorite podcast app. The Back of the Napkin podcast is hosted by SurePayroll’s Stephanie Davis and small business owner Dusty Weis, and launches on January 27.

Episode Transcripts

Episode 15 - Kelly O'Neill

Kelly O’Neill, owner of Fusion of Iron and Earth, talks about intrinsic value, knowing your worth and tooting your own horn...Read More

Episode 14 - Friday Fails: Ben Deutsch

Ben Deutsch, former VP of Communications at Coca-Cola, shares his eye-opening experience dealing with the news media during a...Read More

Episode 13 - Jon Snyder

Jon Snyder, owner of il laboratorio gelato, got a taste for the entrepreneur's life working at his grandfather's Carvel...Read More

Episode 12 - Friday Fails: Cory Hershman

Cory Herschman, SurePayroll's sales trainer, in today's fail discusses top payroll mistakes and information to help...Read More

Episode 11 - Aisha Chottani

Aisha Chottani, the founder of Moment, used her roots in meditation to create a beverage that helps rebalance and de-stress...Read More

Episode 10 - Friday Fails: Hiran Patel

Hiran Patel, the owner of Naansense Indian Cuisine in Chicago, discusses exactly the sort of failure that knocked his business...Read More

Episode 9 - Hiran Patel

Hiran Patel has always had a passion for cooking, and after a chat with his father where he was reminded how important it is...Read More

Episode 8 - Friday Fails: Rachel Doyle

Rachel Doyle, the founder of the nonprofit GlamourGals, shared a time she failed early in her business and how it impacted her...Read More

Episode 7 - Rachel Doyle

Rachel Doyle founded GlamourGals, a nonprofit in New York City, when she was just 17 years old. The mission of GlamourGals focuses on providing support to isolated seniors...Read More

Episode 6 - Pete Leonard

Pete Leonard is the owner of I Have a Bean in Wheaton, IL. His business model combines brewing a great cup of coffee with giving back to the community by hiring post-prison people...Read More

Episode 5 - Friday Fails: Maria Erna

While not fun in the moment, Maria Erna believe failure is always an effective teacher. Maria shares a story from early in her small business journey when she had a major fail...Read More

Episode 4 - Manali Shah & Raj Kamaria

Pyaari Weddings is a brand new journey for owners Manali and Raj. The couple got engaged and quickly realized how time consuming the wedding planning process can be...Read More

Episode 3 - Friday Fails: Lee Kitchen

Lee Kitchen is a big fan of failure and knows that failure in business can turn into success. Lee reflects on a time he failed in business and shares what he learned from it...Read More

Episode 2 - Maria Erna

Maria Erna is the owner of WaG Grooming Salon and Spa in Salem, New Hampshire. Maria understands the small business life well, as she spent a consultant for many years and has experienced guiding...Read More

Episode 1 - Lee Kitchen

Lee Kitchen is a creative guru and consultant who equips businesses across the country with the tools they need to be more creative when solving business problems. Following a career...Read More

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