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Background Checks and Employee Screening for Your Nanny

Background Checks and Employee Screening for Your Nanny

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August 12
Hiring a nanny is not something you do on a whim. You don’t want to bring in just anybody off the street for this position. Even if somebody claims to be experienced and knowledgeable, while also having a clean record, you can’t take his or her word for it.

There are many ways to ensure you are hiring a qualified nanny who can be trusted, including running a background check.

The employee screening process is more important today than ever before. This is why companies of all sizes in all industries are spending money on this expense. As somebody hiring a household worker, you should take the same steps.

Starting the Screening Process

It’s not uncommon to become so bogged down by the screening process that you give up before you obtain the necessary information to make a confident hire. Doing so would be a bad decision, as you will never truly know if you hired the right nanny.

There are several simple steps you can take to start the screening process:

  • Find a reputable provider, such as SitterCity.
  • Run a background check on yourself with the provider, as this will help you determine if the company provides accurate results.
  • Consider your options. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” background check. For example, a preliminary background check may include a Social Security Number verification and search of the National Criminal Database. For more money, however, you can step up to a more detailed package, such as one that also provides a county and state criminal records search, federal courthouse records search, and motor vehicle record check.

Along with the above, don’t shy away from asking candidates for references. With both personal and professional references in hand, along with employment screening results, you are in better position to make a hiring decision.

It is not mandatory to run a background check on candidates, but neglecting to do so is a risk you never want to take.


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