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Idaho Payroll Tax and Labor Laws

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Note: Idaho is a "Joint Application" State. One application for TWO ID numbers (one for SIT and one for SUI).

Did you know that Idaho employers that pay wages subject to federal withholding must withhold income tax from payments earned in Idaho, regardless of where the payment is made?

Idaho Wage and Hour Laws

Employees covered by Idaho's minimum wage law must be paid $7.25 an hour.

All employees are covered except for:

  • certain executive, administrative or professional employees;
  • outside salespersons;
  • certain agricultural and harvest laborers; and
  • employees principally engaged in the range production of livestock.

Idaho Payroll for Employers

Employers covered by Idaho's wage payment law must pay wages at least once in a calendar month and not more than 15 days following the close of a pay period.

Employers must pay tipped employees at least $3.35 an hour. Employers must make up the difference if tips plus wages paid do not at least equal the minimum wage. Shared or pooled tips cannot be applied to the minimum wage.

Idaho Unemployment:

Taxable Wage Base ($000s):                        43,000

New Employer Rate (% Taxable Wages)    1.00**

Employee Tax Rate (% Taxable Wages)     None

Idaho Income Tax Withholding

Idaho requires employers to withhold state income tax from employees' wages and remit the amounts withheld to the Division of Revenue.

Every employer paying wages subject to federal withholding must withhold Idaho income tax from taxable payments earned in Idaho by covered employees, no matter where the payment is made.

Idaho Benefits

Idaho Voting Rights:

Employer Right to Schedule Voting Hours         No

Pay Deduction for Voting Time Leave                 No

Idaho State Tax Resources

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Information accurate as of December 2020