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  • I Have a Household Employee: What Taxes Must I Pay?

    November 7

    Whether you are in the process of hiring a household employee or already have someone working for you, it’s important you know that you are responsible for paying a variety of taxes, including those covered under the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA). 

  • Not Just Nannies: Who Should Be Classified as a Household Employee?

    October 27

    Are you unsure of whether or not you have a household employee? Is this causing you confusion when it comes to taxes, such as wondering if you should issue a W-2?

  • Don't Get Into Nanny Tax Trouble [Infographic]

    December 20

    The nanny has come to play an increasingly important role in the lives of working professionals and business owners with children. Parents often have to run themselves ragged to keep up with the rigorous schedule of activities their children are involved in, not to mention balancing demanding careers. Finding the right nanny can be a huge help.

  • Breaking Down the Schedule H Form

    December 17

    Are you familiar with the Schedule H form? You may have had no use for this form in the past, but it doesn’t mean this will remain true in the future.

  • Great Gift Ideas for Your Household Employees

    December 12

    Gift for Mom?  Check.  Gift for sister?  Check.  Gift for employees?  Just cut some checks.  Gift for the nanny, dog walker and housekeeper?  Hmmm…that can be trickier.

  • How to Pay a Nanny Over the Holidays

    December 11

    Do you have a nanny who handles a variety of tasks around your home, with the primary responsibility of caring for your child? If so, it is important to become familiar with the many laws associated with how this person is paid.

  • Nanny Payroll Part 3: Unemployment Taxes

    November 19

    Good news: If you’ve figured out that you owe nanny taxes and you have your Social Security and Medicare nanny taxes squared away, you’re almost done collecting the nanny taxes you need to send off to Uncle Sam.

  • [Updated] Nanny Payroll: Be in the Know

    November 13

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 1.3 million people work as nannies or child caregivers in the United States today. The Bureau also states that the median pay for these in-house employees comes to an estimated $9.28 per hour or $19,300 per year.

  • Can I Pay My Nanny as a 1099?

    September 25

    Many people have the desire to hire a nanny. That is until they learn more about what this means from a tax perspective. Not only do you have to withhold FICA from your nanny’s paychecks, but you are responsible for paying 7.65% (6.2% for Social Security tax and 1.45% for Medicare tax) as an employer.

  • Do You Have to Provide Workers' Comp for Your Nanny?

    September 7

    When you hire a nanny, it is imperative to think of this person as more than a helper around the house. You are now this person’s employer. For this reason, you are responsible for a variety of HR-related tasks, including but not limited to insurance, payroll, and taxes.

  • I Have a Nanny: What Taxes Do I Need to Pay?

    September 7

    Hiring a nanny will impact your life in many ways, including your finances. In addition to the salary you pay your nanny, you are expected to pay a combination of taxes. Neglecting to do so could lead to trouble with the IRS, including large penalties.

  • How Do I Pay My Nanny?

    August 27

    If you require assistance caring for your child in your own home, hiring a nanny may be the best decision you can make. While this sounds like a good idea, you don’t want to take action until you answer a few key questions:

  • Background Checks and Employee Screening for Your Nanny

    August 12

    Hiring a nanny is not something you do on a whim. You don’t want to bring in just anybody off the street for this position. Even if somebody claims to be experienced and knowledgeable, while also having a clean record, you can’t take his or her word for it.

  • Nanny Payroll Part 4: Federal Income Taxes

    August 1

    By now, you’ve learned managing nanny taxes takes a bit of time, number-crunching, and paperwork. Once you’ve determined if you owe nanny taxes, you’re probably responsible for collecting two types of nanny taxes:

  • What Will Happen if Nanny Taxes Aren't Paid?

    July 27

    You have decided to hire a full or part-time nanny to help raise your child (or children). This can be beneficial for many reasons, including the fact that you know your child is in good hands when you are not around.

  • Am I a Household Employer?

    July 21

    As a household employer, you have particular responsibilities. Here is how the IRS defines this work arrangement:“ You have a household employee if you hired someone to do household work and that worker is your employee.”

  • Paying a Nanny Off the Books: Bad Idea

    June 30

    I have owned my own employment law firm for just over 6 years and have multiple employees. I thought employing a nanny would be easy.

  • The 1,2,3 on Nanny Taxes

    June 4

    So you’ve hired your first nanny and now you want to know the 1,2,3 about the nanny tax. You don’t want to get that wrong! Sadly for busy moms, who don’t have time to worry about filing schedules and calculations, the nanny tax is a bit more complicated than 1,2,3. Here’s a quick overview for you.

  • Nanny Payroll Part 2: Social Security & Medicare Taxes

    May 19

    Now that you know you’re responsible for paying the nanny tax, it’s time to roll up your sleeves, fire up your adding machine, don your green visor, and get to work.

  • Nanny Payroll Part 1: Do I Owe the Nanny Tax?

    April 22

    Just when you thought being a parent was hard enough, now you hear friends talking about the “nanny tax.” And maybe you’ve read the headlines about big-name politicians getting burned during confirmation hearings because the opposition found out they didn’t pay their nanny taxes.