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Yes, You Can Hire More Than One Household Employee

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Chris Bibey

There is no law stating that you can only have one household employee. While most people have a nanny or a housekeeper, maybe a landscaper, some households have a combination of household employees to support their needs.

Here’s something to remember: as you continue to hire one employee after the next, the organization becomes increasingly more important.

Here are three tips to guide you as you bring additional employees into your household:

1. Know What Type of Help You Need

In other words, you want to hire the right person for the job.

For example, you shouldn’t hire a nanny if you’re looking for someone to clean your home and prepare meals.

Make a clear list of the tasks you want your employee to tackle, all with the idea of determining what role you are really looking to fill.

2. Clearly Assign Responsibilities

When you have one household employee it’s simple to manage what this person is doing.

Your nanny may be responsible for nothing more than caring for your children while you’re at work. Easy enough, right?

However, when you add more employees, you need to clearly assign responsibilities to each one. This goes a long way in ensuring that one person doesn’t get in another person’s way, and prevents you from paying for redundant work.

3. Implement an Efficient Payroll System

Most people hire a household employee because they don’t have enough time to complete specific tasks, or they need help managing a work-life balance. For this reason, you might not have the time, or the interest, in handling household payroll yourself.

Staying current with tax filings, calculations, and paychecks can be a pain in the neck. Fortunately, you can work with a household payroll provider to eliminate any headaches associated with this part of being an employer and ensure that the filing requirements for household employers are met.

So, what do you think? Is it time to hire your first household employee? Are you hoping to bring another worker into your home?

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