Healthcare Payroll Made Easy

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Payroll for Doctors in the healthcare industry.

Let SurePayroll Help Save You Time & Manage Cost for Your Medical Practice

It's clear that the costs and demands of running your practice are rising.

You need an administrative staff to run the office, and perform critical tasks.
  • Focusing on administrative responsibilities takes valuable time away from your patients and growing your practice.
  • The average family practice has 3.85 support staff per full-time physician, with $147,654 total support staff cost per full-time physician, according to the Medical Group Management Association.
  • Asking your staff to perform critical operations such as payroll may not be the best use of their time.

Outsourcing payroll to SurePayroll will not only help you cut costs, but will make you and your staff more efficient.

Doing it yourself:

  • Set aside 1 to 2 hours a week to run payroll.
  • Collect payroll time sheet from all employees plus sales numbers
  • Calculate all wages paid to an employee including salary plus commission.
  • Fill out multiple forms and make deposits to multiple government and state agencies.
  • Distribute paycheck to all employees.

Outsourcing to SurePayroll:

  • Log into your secure account and enter all appropriate hours for the pay period.
  • Preview how much money will be debited from your account on payday.
  • Approve payroll and let us do the rest — including keeping you compliant.
Running payroll for your practice is necessary but it shouldn't be at the cost of not performing other critical tasks your practice requires. With SurePayroll all it takes is 2 minutes every pay period and we will handle everything for you.
Why outsource payroll services for your medical office?

As a physician, you rely on your staff to represent you. If your receptionist is rude to your patients in the office or on the phone, you are losing business. If your medical assistant is trying to learn how to run your electronic medical records system rather than taking patient blood pressure, you are working inefficiently. If your records staff is working on payroll and grabbing your charts, are sure it's being completed properly?

Your patients are your business, so you can't afford to spend extra time managing inefficient or redundant staff or taking care of payroll operations. With SurePayroll, it's done in two minutes or less, automatically and accurately, online. We have a staff of payroll experts who know all local, state and federal tax laws inside and out, ensuring you stay fully compliant with all new legislations. With SurePayroll, running medical payroll for your practice has never been more efficient.