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S-Corporation Payroll
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Officers in S-Corporations are typically paid on an annual or quarterly basis. This is very different than small business payroll.

In the U.S., income tax must be paid when it’s earned or received during the year and at least 90 percent of the income tax owed must be paid on a quarterly basis. And if you're taking dividends, you have to manage complex tax and reporting requirements to avoid IRS fines. With SurePayroll, you can leave this payroll tax work to us.

Handling S-Corporation Payroll Yourself

  • You’ll need to pay and file your own taxes and federal unemployment taxes.
  • File your quarterly 941s, annual 940s, W-2s and W-3s.
  • You’ll need to be careful not to incur a 2210 penalty for under-withholding.

Using SurePayroll

  • Eliminate tax worries – tax returns are filed for you automatically.
  • Run payroll when you want – on your schedule, whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.
  • Get more for less – run payroll for up to 5 officers when our competitors usually cut it off at only 2, and there are no restrictions on compensation for an officer employee.
Experience counts when handling S-Corporation payroll. As the original online payroll company that’s backed by our parent company, Paychex, you have experienced payroll professionals here to meet your needs. Accountants work with us, too—so, if you’re currently using an accountant.

S-Corporations nationwide use SurePayroll to:
  • Save time with an easy, online service that costs up to 50 percent less than traditional providers.
  • Run payroll in minutes, anytime and anywhere that fits your busy schedule.
  • Get direct deposit or print checks from your computer, giving you convenience.